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10B. U.S. HISTORY 1865-1945

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18893. The Origins of the Dc-3 Aircraft. This term paper describes the decision-making process in designing and building the revolutionary aircraft, the DC-3, by the Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1930s. The DC-3 was profitable for airlines in the US and around the world because it was easy to fly and maintain and had a reputation for speed, range, comfort and safety. Despite the aircraft’s phenomenal success, the company’s owner, Donald Douglas, saw the project as a gamble and was uncertain if it would pay off in the long run. TAGS: aviation history, DC-3, essay, Douglas Aircraft Company, innovation, technology, aircraft. APA Style. 10 pages, 38 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources. 2,377 words.   $70
18889. Political Rhetoric in u.s. History. This research paper analyzes the use of political rhetoric as it pertained to internationalism in two periods of American history: the late nineteenth century (prior to the Spanish-American War) and the aftermath of World War I. Based on the evidence, it is argued that the rhetoric on issues such as isolationism and expansionism was motivated primarily by economic and commercial interests. TAGS: political rhetoric, essay, isolationism, expansionism, American history, war, internationalism, term paper. Turabian Style with Endnotes. 14 pages, 19 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources. 3,290 words.   $98
18695. Class Divisions and Fear in American Cities. This paper uses historical documents and the views of modern-day writers to address the question of how class divisions created feelings of fear among the residents of urban America in the late nineteenth century. It is argued that writers of the time often exaggerated their fear-inducing claims for the purpose of attaining social and political goals. For example, fear contributed to increased funding for the police and increased support for social reform projects, among other things. TAGS: social class divisions urban United States 19th century social psychology crime labor. MLA Style. 8 pages, 18 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. 1,829 words.   $56
18538. Dress Styles of the 1920s. . This paper describes various popular dress styles in the U.S. and Europe during the 1920s, with an emphasis on the social forces that had an impact on the development of those styles. Based on the evidence, the major social forces were the emancipation of women, societal attitudes following the First World War, the values of modernism, and the increasing importance of consumerism. KEYWORDS: fashion history consumerism feminism masculine dress styles women 1920s flappers. APA Style. 8 pages, 27 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources. 1,992 words.   $56
18524. The Republican Party and Reconstruction. This paper argues that the Republican Party sought to create a permanent power base in the South during the post-Civil War period of Reconstruction. However, after 1868, this power declined in the face of Southern whites using violence and intimidation to prevent African Americans from exercising their rights. The failure of the Republican Party is regarded as a tragic shame, because it resulted in a setback for Southern blacks that persisted for nearly another century. KEYWORDS: history politics African Americans Reconstruction Republicans. APA Style. 6 pages, 13 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. 1,360 words.   $42
18226. "Forging Freedom" by Gary B. Nash. This paper reviews "Forging Freedom", a book on the development of the African American community in Philadelphia in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. The author discusses the reasons why this period saw a change from an atmosphere of racial harmony to one of race-related hostility and repression. The book receives a favorable review and is recommended for its informative discussion of an important aspect of American history. KEYWORDS: book review America history race Philadelphia. MLA Style. 6 pages, 13 footnotes in text, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
17706. The Azusa Street Revival. This paper considers the role, importance and lasting legacy of the Azusa Street Revival within American Christianity. The paper provides an overview and analysis of the Azusa Street Revival and its placement at the origins of the American – and one could argue, global – Pentecostal movement. The analysis considers the history of the movement, profiles William J. Seymour and other prominent leaders of the Azusa Street Revival, outlines the doctrine of Azusa, discusses the revival’s position on racial, class, and gender equality, and examines in detail Azusa’s legacy within pentecostalism in particular, and American Christianity in general. KEYWORDS: pentecostal azusa street seymour revival speaking tongues. APA Style. 16 pages, 34 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources. 4,020 words.   $112
17623. The Populist Moment by Lawrence Goodwyn. This paper provides a review and critique of Goodwyn’s book on the late 19th century agrarian movement known as Populism. Considers the author’s perspective, research methodology, and major arguments. KEYWORDS: populism agrarian 19th century american history book review non-fiction. MLA Style. 6 pages, 19 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,350 words.   $42
17622. A Short History of the Reconstruction by Eric Foner. This paper provides a review and critique of Foner’s condensed version of his history of the post-Civil War reconstruction (the longer work was published under the title, Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution). The paper summarizes the work and its central arguments. Although short, this book is found to be informative and authoritative. Concludes that the greatest strength of Foner’s book is found in the insights he provides regarding the Black experience during Reconstruction. KEYWORDS: American south civil war reconstruction blacks book review non-fiction. MLA Style. 6 pages, 14 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,343 words.   $42
17621. The Modern Temper: American Culture and Society in the 1920s by Lunn Dumenil. This paper provides a review and analysis of Dumenil’s work which argues that the decade of the 1920s epitomized the ideals of ‘modernity’ in twentieth century America. Presents the major themes and arguments in the book and considers how Dumenil’s interpretation of the period differs from that of other historians because of her emphasis on the role of cultural pluralism. KEYWORDS: American social history 1920s modernity. MLA Style. 6 pages, 8 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,362 words.   $42
17563. America’S Frontier Past. This paper considers the merits of the “frontier thesis” – the argument that America’s frontier past contributed to the unique character of the American people – and examines some of the major effects of the frontier past on the development of the American character. Concludes that while Turner’s “frontier thesis” can be rightly faulted as geographically inaccurate, culturally biased and potentially racist, the notion that the nation’s frontier past helps to explain the American character retains validity. KEYWORDS: frontier legacy American character frontier mentality frontier thesis controversy. MLA Style. 7 pages, 11 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. 1,673 words.   $49
17509. Book Review: The Contested Plains: Indians, Goldseekers, and the Rush to Colorado by Eliot West. This paper provides a favorable review of Eliot West’s book on the Colorado Gold Rush. Notes that West moves beyond the usual interpretation of the Gold Rush, casting an insightful light on the plights of both the Anglo settlers who journeyed out West as well as the Cheyenne who made their home on the plains. The reviewer finds that “even the plains themselves become a significant character in West’s exploration, and the reader comes away with a keen understanding and appreciation for a misunderstood period of American history”. KEYWORDS: : book review nonfiction Colorado gold rush plains Indians native Americans wild west settlers. MLA Style. 10 pages, 25 footnotes, 25 bibliographic sources. 2,632 words.   $70
17439. The Immigration Backlash: California’S Proposition 187 and Arizona’S Proposition 200. This paper provides an overview and analysis of Propositions 187 and 200 and the social movements and sentiments which underpin them. A particular focus of this analysis is the role that the media has played in creating, sustaining and expressing the anti-immigrant beliefs which form the basis for the creation of exclusionary laws. Prior to examining Propositions 187 and 200 in detail, the paper considers the current debate from the perspective of history, looking at America’s heritage as “a nation of immigrants” and examining past anti-immigrant movements, with a special focus on the Chinese Exclusion Acts of 1882. Argues that while the media has been guilty (both recently and in the past) of fanning the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment and of at times presenting a slanted view of immigration and its actual impact on citizens, neither the contemporary anti-immigration movement nor the anti-immigration movements of the past can realistically be viewed as creations of the media or even as primarily media-driven. The Chinese Exclusion Acts, Proposition 187 and Proposition 200 were all primarily driven by economic and political interests. KEYWORDS: immigration immigrants anti-immigration populist movements media. Written 2005; 24 pages, 94 footnotes, 33 bibliographic references. 6,011 words.   $133
17410. National Parks and Land Management. This paper provides an overview and analysis of America’s national parks and their system of land management and nature conservation. The paper traces the history the parks system from the founding of the first park in 1872, through the founding of the National Park Service in 1916, and to the continued expansion of the park system during the 20th century. The factors leading to the creation of the park system are identified and the evolving mission of the national park system described. The role that the national parks have had in protecting lands, forests, waterways, species and habitats are explored. Although this analysis focuses primarily on the history of the national parks, a concluding section briefly considers some of the contemporary challenges facing the national parks. KEYWORDS: National Parks, conservation, habitat protection, land management. 15 pages, 34 footnotes, 18 bibliographic sources. 3,783 words.   $105
17408. Northern Dissent in the Civil War: The Case of the “Copperheads”. Drawing on both primary and secondary sources, this paper provides an overview and an analysis of the Copperhead movement during the Civil War era. The emergence of the movement is traced and the principal socioeconomic groups involved in the movement identified. The major leaders in the movement are identified and discussed, although the focus of the analysis is on the Copperhead movement in general rather than individuals. The analysis considers the reasons behind the emergence of the movement and looks into the motivations of the Copperheads as the Civil War progressed. The analysis profiles the main objectives, positions and activities of the Copperheads and evaluates the Republican response to the Copperheads. The concluding section looks at the fate of the Copperheads in the aftermath of the war and assesses the legacy of the Copperheads as traitors or dissenters. The starting point for the analysis is the revisionist historian’s rejection of the traditional view of Copperhead as southern sympathizer and traitor and the redefinition of Copperhead as northern Democratic dissenter. KEYWORDS: US civil war dissent copperheads peace democrats northern dissenters. 25 pages, 69 footnotes, 29 bibliographic sources (including 8 primary sources). 7,553 words.   $133
17343. The Slavery Debate and the Civil War. This paper examines some of the major documents and speeches pertaining to the slavery debate in the period immediately preceding the Civil War. It is found that, even when the debate was cast in terms of states’ rights or the balance of power, the central concern prior to the onset of the war was always the issue of whether slavery (or its expansion) should be permitted. KEYWORDS: US civil war slaves slavery debate states’ rights. 7 pages, 8 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. 1,760 words.   $49
17335. Two Oral Histories of America. This paper presents the results of an interview study which examined the views of two women regarding their memories of major events in American history. In open-ended interviews, two Caucasian women (“Edith” and “Ann”) were asked the same twenty-one questions [included as an appendix] which centered on four themes: power and politics, the economy, war in American history, and the voices of dissent or protest. Edith’s views were used to illustrate the major themes of the 1930s through the 1950s, while Ann’s views were used to illustrate the major themes of the 1960s through the 1990s. An appendix includes all 21 questions asked both women. KEYWORDS: oral history interviews 20th century America. 11 pages, 6 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources. 3,019 words.   $77
17299. Book Review: Fate Is the Hunter by Ernest G. Gann. . This paper provides a highly favorable review of this autobiography filled with exciting stories of aviation as it existed from the 1930s through the 1950s. Gann’s book shows that aviation is an exciting profession and that it can be rewarding for those who are capable of handling its unique dangers. The book, written in an entertaining and engaging style, is highly recommended. KEYWORDS: book review aviators autobiography. 6 pages, 10 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,470 words.   $42
17270. The Rise of the Two Party System. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the rise of the two-party system in American politics in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, describing some of the ways that political parties can be seen as having had a positive or negative influence on the American political system. On the negative side, the parties are criticized for placing too much emphasis on party loyalty versus independent thinking. On the positive side, parties are seen as beneficial in mobilizing voters, providing a forum for the expression of opposing viewpoints and encouraging politicians to deliberate on the issues. KEYWORDS: political parties partisan politics republicans democrats. 5 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. 1,320 words.   $35
17232. The Depiction of Women in the Movies of the 1930'S. This paper discusses how the Great Depression and other factors contributed to how women were depicted in Hollywood movies in the 1930s. It is noted that women were depicted differently in the period before the passage of the Hays censorship code (1934) and in the period following its implementation. The paper includes a discussion of the “male gaze” and female stereotypes. In addition, it is noted that the “screwball comedies” of the time often showed women who appeared to be empowered; however, this was played for laughs and the women were generally shown to be submissive to men in the end. Keywords: films women 1930s censorship gender relations. 13 pages; 36 footnotes; 10 bibliographic sources. 3,334 words.   $91
17228. The Supreme Court, the New Deal, and the Constitution. This paper provides an overview and analysis of changes in Constitutional law interpretations as a result of events surrounding Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation and policies. When the Supreme Court blocked the New Deal legislation of President Roosevelt in the 1930s, Roosevelt responded with a scheme to “pack” the federal courts with younger, more liberal judges. This eventually led to a “constitutional revolution” in the way that the Supreme Court interprets the power of the federal government in terms of providing for the welfare of the people. Keywords: New Deal FDR federal courts Supreme Court Constitution public welfare. 11 pages; 27 footnotes; 10 bibliographic sources. 2,660 words.   $77
17225. The Causes of World War I. This paper examines some of the factors leading to the outbreak of World War I. The paper discusses the role of imperialism and nationalism, military and political alliances, the assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, the failure of Germany’s Schlieffen Plan, and the U.S. entry into the war. Keywords: World War I WWI causes. 6 pages; 24 footnotes; 6 bibliographic sources. 1,502 words.   $42
17217. Northern Dissent in the Civil War: The Case of the Copperheads. Drawing on both primary and secondary sources, this paper provides an overview and analysis of the Copperhead (Northerners who opposed Lincoln and the war) movement during the Civil War era. The Copperhead term is defined and changes made to the definition by revisionist historians discussed. The emergence of the movement is traced and the principal socioeconomic groups involved in the movement identified. Although the major leaders in the movement are identified and discussed, the focus of the analysis is on the Copperhead movement in general rather than the Copperheads in particular. The paper identifies the reasons behind the emergence of the movement and looks into the motivations of the Copperheads as the Civil War progressed. Profiles the main objectives, positions and activities of the Copperheads and evaluates the Republican (Lincoln Administration) response to the Copperheads. The concluding section looks at the fate of the Copperheads in the aftermath of the war and assesses the legacy of the Copperheads as traitors or dissenters. Keywords: Civil War traitors Northern dissent Lincoln Union Confederacy secessionist Copperheads. 34 pages; 69 footnotes; 29 bibliographic sources. 7,553 words.   $133
17164. American Mass Consumerism, 1880-1940. This essay examines and analyzes the key characteristics of American mass consumerism during the period 1880-1940 and considers how this mass consumerism differed from other modes of consumption before the Second World War. The investigation looks at the social, political, and economic aspects of American mass consumerism during this period and considers some of the ways in which consumption patterns and responses were affected by class, race, and most especially, gender. It is argued that American mass consumerism during this period was fused into a political ideology supporting consumerism that helped to foster a belief in mass consumerism as a part of the “American way of life.” 16 pages; 42 footnotes; 17 bibliographic sources. 4,823 words.   $112
17140. The Great Migration and Race Relations in America. This paper considers the history, scope and impact of the Great Migration of blacks from the rural south to the urban north beginning in 1915. Following an overview of the forces driving the Great Migration and a discussion of the status of race relations prior to the migration, the analysis draws on examples from various northern and western cities and the South in general to examine how the Great Migration changed race relations in both the North and the South. Demonstrates how the Great Migration turned race into a national, versus just a southern issue. The argument is made that the migration, and more specifically, the pattern of settlement in the migration (with blacks clustered in geographically segregated areas of the cities) set the stage for increased racial conflict. KEYWORDS: black migration southern us northern cities racial conflict us american migratory patterns african americans. APA Style. 21 pages; 39 footnotes; 17 bibliographic sources. 4,908 words.   $133
15961. Supreme Court Decisions and the Spirit of the American People. This paper discusses how the Supreme Court, in the years following World War I, has reflected the shifting conservative and liberal opinions of the nation as a whole. References are made to various decisions, and the trend toward “moderate conservatism” is noted. 11 pages; 36 footnotes; 6 bibliographic sources. 2,457 words.   $77
15941. Interview With a Woman Who Grew Up in the 1930'S. This paper presents the results of an interview with a women who grew up in the 1930's. The woman reminisces on the hardships of the Great Depression, the use of radio and other sources of entertainment, and her memory of the major events of the time. 5 pages; 0 footnotes; 0 bibliographic sources.   $35
15929. Upton Sinclair's Campaign for California Governor in 1934. This paper discusses Upton Sinclair’s efforts to become governor of California on the Democratic ticket in 1934. Examines the ways his opposition used wealthy and powerful connections in order to run a negative smear campaign against him. 10 pages; 26 footnotes; 5 bibliographic sources.   $70
15875. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Attack on Pearl Harbor. This paper examines the revisionist historical view that President Roosevelt and his administration knew of the impending Japanese attack in advance and may have even provoked the attack as an excuse to become involved in the war effort and to overcome public resistance to American participation in World War II. It is argued that there is a lack of solid evidence to support these claims. Rather, it seems that the surprise of the attack was due to miscommunication and other human errors instead of a conspiracy on the part of the U.S. government. 17 pages; 40 footnotes; 9 bibliographic sources.   $119
15850. "No-No Boy" by John Okada (Book Review). This paper reviews this novel about a Japanese-American man who refused to join the American fight against the Japanese in World War II. The theme of the novel revolves around what it means to be an "American". 6 pages; 13 footnotes; 1 bibliographic source.   $42
15844. Theodore Roosevelt and the American Conservation Movement. This paper concerns the conservation efforts made by Theodore Roosevelt throughout his life and during his time as president. Although some of his efforts failed as a result of controversies, he made a great contribution overall to the American conservation movement. 14 pages; 59 footnotes; 8 bibliographic sources.   $98
15835. u.s. Involvement in World War I and World War Ii. This paper discusses the reasons for America's entry into the two World Wars, the nation's objectives in these wars, and the impact that involvement had on U.S. foreign policy and its role as a global power. 8 pages; 20 footnotes; 4 bibliographic sources.   $56
15813. Constitutional Amendments During the Reconstruction Period. A paper on the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, and how each raised issues of constituionality in the period immediately following American Civil War. Differing theories of Reconstruction are discussed, as well as the implications of the Amendments in regard to governmental power. 5 pages; 19 footnotes; 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
15812. Supreme Court Decisions and the Shift in Political Power in the Late 19th Century. This paper looks at how Supreme Court decisions of the 19th century contributed to giving the federal government more regulatory control while at the same time increasing the economic power of industry and big business. In addition, some of the decisions resulted in creating a more powerful position for the Supreme Court itself. KEYWORDS: Supreme Court history 19th century major decisions federal government big business. 6 pages; 19 footnotes; 4 bibliographic sources. 1,419 words.   $42
15794. The Pennsylvania Dutch. A profile and analysis of the minority group Pennsylvania Dutch, a population actually comprised of several communities including the Amish, Mennonites, Dunkers, Brethren and Hutterites. Traces the history of the Pennsylvania Dutch from their European roots to their religious, social and geographic divergence in America. Includes a close focus on the history, religion, and customs of the Amish and Mennonites. 9 pages, 26 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $63
15770. Visual Arts in the Harlem Renaissance. In the 1920's Harlem Renaissance, there was a controversy over how the "New Negro" (with growing demands for equality and civil rights) should be represented in contrast to the stereotype of the "Old Negro." In the arts, this controversy was reflected in an effort to show the non-idealized "truth" of the African-American urban experience. This paper includes a discussion of the works of various visual artists such as Archibald Motley, Aaron Douglas, and Palmer Hayden, among others. 6 pages, 19 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $42
15748. The Huddled Masses (Alan M. Kraut). Kraut's book provides a great deal of information on immigration to America in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. This paper examines what Kraut says in regard to the motivations and experiences of European, Asian and Hispanic immigrants during the period. 8 pages, 29 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $56
15733. The New Deal Reforms of the 1930'S and the Progressive Movement of the 1910'S. Some similarities can be seen in comparing the views and beliefs of the New Deal and the Progressive movement. However, it is also argued that the New Deal was a departure from the earlier movement; for example, the New Deal placed less emphasis on the problem of government corruption and more emphasis on the rule of the government in stimulating economic growth. 5 pages, 16 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $35
15594. Custer's Last Stand From a Native American Perspective. How the Native Americans sought to defend their sacred lands from the efforts of the U.S. government to expand the nation westward. The government often broke its treaties and the tribes were forced to live on reservations. In this context, the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn is described. Eyewitness accounts of Native Americans are used, and it is noted that the battle resulted in a victory for the Native Americans, but it was only temporary. 14 pages, 53 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $98
15556. Jewish Gangsters and Organized Crime in the 1920'S and 1930'S. The first part of the paper discusses notable Jewish crime figures, their activities, and how they operated. The second part of the paper examines various theoretical views on why so many second-generation Jewish immigrants became involved in organized crime during their time. 10 pages, 38 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $70
15516. The Reputed Sexual Affairs of American Presidents. A paper on the alleged extramarital affairs of various presidents, including (among others) Jefferson, Cleveland, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and especially Harding, Kennedy and Clinton. In addition, the differing views of historians on these alleged affairs are discussed. 14 pages, 35 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $98
15303. History of Racial Discrimination in America. This term paper provides an overview and analysis of the history of racial discrimination and the slow development of federal policy responses such as anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action programs to the problem. Following an overview of definitions of racial discrimination and a brief discussion of the cultural and historical roots of racial discrimination in the United States, the paper traces the history of racial discrimination in American from Colonial times through the 1950s. The essay also discusses some of the seminal Supreme Court cases – including Dred Scott, Plessy, and Korematsu – shaping formal policy responses to the problem of racial discrimination in America. KEYWORDS: racial discrimination blacks jim crow segregation race relations anti-discrimination laws supreme court rulings dred scott plessy korematsu brown v board education research paper. APA Style. 15 pages, 52 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources. 5,302 words.   $105
15239. Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan: From Mass Production to the Modern Managerial Enterprise. This paper compares and contrasts Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan as top managers and business leaders. The analysis begins with a brief biography and synopsis of each leader's central contributions to management and industry. The subsequent sections present a comparative analysis of the personality, management style, and overall contributions of Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan. In particular, the analysis focuses on the distinctly different approaches these two leaders had to administration, organizational structure, management style, and corporate responses to changing environmental conditions. The concluding section presents a summary comparative analysis and assessment of each man's relative contribution to modern industry and management. KEYWORDS: alfred sloan henry ford general motors ford motor company automobile industry history american management history. APA Style. 17 pages, 38 footnotes, 15 bibliographic references.   $119
15183. The New York Stock Exchange. This paper gives the historical background on the NYSE's establishment in 1817 and its growth during the nineteenth century. Also discussed are the impact the NYSE had on business investment practices and its role in making New York a financial center for the nation. 7 pages, 23 footnotes, 5bibliographic references.   $49
15182. The Transcontinental Telegraph and Transcontinental Railroad. These two technologies, arising in the 1860s, had an important impact on business and the nation by increasing the flow of information, goods and people. This paper discusses how the telegraph and railroad developed during the late nineteenth century. 7 pages, 18 footnotes, 5 bibliographic references.   $49
15181. The Ford Motor Company and Mass Production. A paper on the social and economic impacts of Ford's assembly line, first implemented in 1914. For example, other businesses adopted similar methods for increased productivity, more consumers bought cars, and Ford used some of its profits to improve wages and work conditions. 7 pages, 22 footnotes, 5 bibliographic references.   $42
15051. The Role of Railroads in the Development of Illinois. Historical overview of the use of railroads in the state, showing how they contributed to economic development, population growth, and the creation of new towns. In particular, the city of Chicago benefited by becoming a meeting point for the rail lines of the region. 14 pages, 42 footnotes, 11 bibliographic reference.   $98
14814. The Robber Barons by Matthew Josephson. This paper presents a review and critique of Josephson’s (1934) social history of the late 19th century emergency, impact and personal lives of a new class of super-rich businessmen known as the “robber barons”. Argues that the book is valuable as a moral critique of rampant materialism, and significant as a hidden chapter of history. KEYWORDS: 19th century industrialists railroads banking robber barons business ethics oil silver gold rush book review. 7 pages, 12 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,620 words.   $49
14809. Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger: Henry Kissinger’S Anlaysis of Woodrow Wilson’S Diplomacy. . This paper considers Kissinger’s analysis of Wilson’s diplomacy in the context of the broader theory of realpolitik, in which the realities of power politics and strategic balance take precedence over moral issues of idealism, guilt or justice. Argues that Kissinger’s realism reflects a worldview that requires a global balance of power in a “principle of conservative unity,” rejecting agreements which any parties consider unjust in their essence. This worldview accepts Wilson’s morality, perhaps, but not his methods. KEYWORDS: book review nonfiction diplomacy presidents Woodrow Wilson Kissinger realpolitik. 10 pages, 16 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 2,319 words.   $70
14052. The Colorado River. This paper describes the physical terrain of the river and discusses its role in the development of the Southwest United States. Concerns regarding the possible depletion of the river's water supply, as well as the proposed solutions for this problem, are also discussed. 17 pages, 54 footnotes, 1 bibliographic reference.   $119
13990. Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. In this paper on Grant’s memoirs of his military career, emphasis is placed on the idea that the Battle of Vicksburg was a decisive turning point in the Civil War. In this regard, it is argued that Grant’s strategic success in that battle was mainly due to the fact that he took risks and went against conventional military wisdom. 11 pages, 29 footnotes, 1 bibliography.   $77
13989. The Congressional Debates on the Civil Rights Bill (1870'S). Using transcripts of the debates, this paper shows the arguments for and against allowing the recently freed slaves to have equal rights. It is noted that there were racist overtones in many of the arguments, and that the integration of public schools was an especially controversial issue at the time. 10 pages, 22 footnotes, 1 bibliography..   $70
13983. Western Expansion & Native Americans. This termpaper examines the impact of Western expansion on Native Americans during the 1890s. The essay argues that the decade that began with the conclusion of the Western frontier effected the end of the Indian frontier. Includes an analysis of the Dawes Act and the break-up of the reservations; the Ghost Dance and the massacre at Wounded Knee; and the impact of assimilationist policies such as the standardization of Indian boarding schools and the prohibitions on Indian tribal practices and rituals. KEYWORDS: native americans american indians western frontier white expansion term paper. APA Style. 20 pages, 35 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. 3,560 words.   $133
13962. Tuskegee Airmen. This termpaper traces the history, performance, and significance of America’s first African-American air force. Describes the social, political and military factors leading to the establishment of a segregated military fighter pilot training facility at Tuskegee; traces the development and evolution of the 450 Tuskegee Airmen serving in WWII; and argues that the black fighters’ greatest significance was in demonstrating the superiority of racially integrated military combat units and hence paving the way for the desegregation of the US armed forces in 1948. 13 pages text plus annotated bibliography, 24 footnotes, 16 annotated bibliographic sources.   $91
13917. The Search for Order, 1877-1920 by Robert Wiebe. Drawing on Wiebe's history as the primary source, this analysis considers modernization and social reform in America during the period 1877 to 1920. 9 pages, 8 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $63
13858. World War I and the Identity of American Women. Discussing how women contributed to the war effort and handled the jobs vacated by men during the war. As a result of these factors, the national image of women was improved. This led to the right to vote and provided a step toward further improvements for women. 10 pages, 32 footnotes, 7 bibliographic references.   $70
13781. The Sinking of the Maine (Remember the Maine). An analysis of 1898 sinking of the great battleship and the subsequent move to war with Spain. Examines the actual circumstances and consequences of the sinking of the Maine, looking at the ship and the men who died, the actions and investigations of the involved governments, and the way that the Maine incident was used to incite America to war. 14 pages, 28 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $98
13593. The Life of Henry E. Huntington (1850-1927). Examines the life and career of the railroad magnate, real estate developer and philanthropist. Traces Henry's early career in the railroad industry working for his famous uncle, Collis P. Huntington; his development of the Los Angeles "Red Car" electric railway; his mid-life career as a Southern California real estate developer; and his late-life passion for collecting rare books and fine works of art. Details Huntington's philanthropy and discusses the cultural contribution of the Huntington Library and Museum. 11 pages, 32 footnotes, 8 bibliographic references.   $77
13590. Jacksonian Democracy. Discusses the key elements of the nineteenth century political movement, as well as its policies, influences, and its effects on the American people and the nation as a whole. In this discussion, both the positive and negative aspects of Jacksonian Democracy are considered. 11 pages, 34 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $77
13575. Young Guns and Billy the Kid. This paper compares the depiction of Billy the Kid in the movie with the real historical character. It is argued that the inaccuracies in the movie are due to the character's legendary status and the priority of movies to entertain rather than tell the truth. 5 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $35
13477. Police in Urban America, 1860-1920 (E. H. Monkkonen). Review of book and its argument that the shift in police role from class control to crime control was linked to the bureaucratization of cities. Although the author's conclusions are intriguing, the paper criticizes his use of labeling theory and his view that the changes were "unfortunate." 6 pages, 17 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
13388. The Manhattan Project. Covers the origins of the project to build an atomic bomb, and its development during World War II. Also discusses the facilities and people involved, Russian spies, and the effects of the project on post-war America. 11 pages, 33 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $77
13260. Urbanization of Chicago. problems of urbanization contrasted with improvement efforts of city planners, from the founding of the city to the present day. covers such topics as the great fire, the "city beautiful" movement, expansion into the suburbs, and the building of skyscrapers. 12 pages, 34 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $84
13166. Strategic, Tactical, and Geopolitical Background of World War Ii. The strategic, tactical and geopolitical developments leading to global war are examined. The role of advance planning, new weaponry and logistics, and fascist imperial ambitions in creating a global, multi-front conflict between Axis and Allies is detailed. 9 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $63
13164. Events Leading to World War I. Incisive analysis of the developments precipitating the Great War. Offensive military doctrines, arms buildups, decline of Eastern empires, and a system of treaties binding the Great Powers to mutual defense all seen as playing important roles. The role of new military technology and defensive stalemate is emphasized. 10., 15f., 6b.   $70
13145. Here Is Your War (Ernie Pyle). Review of book by American correspondent on the front in North Africa during World War Two. Argues that Pyle's racial attitudes were tolerant and open-minded for the time. Also discusses how the book shows that, despite the hardships and dangers faced by the soldiers, there were also humorous and exhilarating aspects to be found in the war. 6 pages, 20 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
13057. The Irish Immigration 1845-1921. The paper summarizes the history of Irish immigration during the period of 1845 to 1921. The paper covers topics such as the potato famine, working conditions in the textile mills of New England, the transformation of the Catholic Church in America by Irish immigrants and the success of the Irish immigrants in the spreading of Labor Unions in the 1870's and 1880's. 16 pages, 47 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $112
12722. Utah: The Long Struggle for Statehood. Thorough, detailed study of the political history of the Mormons, and their attempts to legalize polygamy, and the federal effort to stamp it out. Includes the migration to Utah and the attempt to found a "state of Deseret," attitudes in Mexican and Civil wars as well as a complete summary of "Mormon War" of 1857-58, a history of polygamy in the sect, attempts to increase non-Morman immigration, political evolution after the Civil War and the increasing severity of federal assaults on Mormon polygamy, circumstances of the "Woodruff Manifesto" abandoning Mormon polygamy, evidence of Mormon use of public relations and bribery to enhance their image and prospects, integration of Mormons into the two-party system as final step before statehood; conclusion stresses Mormon attempt to prove themselves as "super-Americans." 16 pages, 33 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $112
12684. Scarlett O'hara Compared With Historical Accounts of Women in the Civil War. Scenes from both the book and movie are compared with diaries and other sources from the Civil War period. In this way, it is shown that Scarlett's characterization is, for the most part, historically accurate. Although she is more determined and independent than the average Southern woman, it is noted that she represents a "new type of woman" who came into existence during that time. 11 pages, 36 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $77
12680. Challenges of the Kaiserreich and Nazi Dictatorship. The political and economic factors in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that led from Prussian imperialism to Hitler's rise to power. 9 pages, 37 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $63
12679. Women's Suffrage Movement. Brief historical background on the movement in the U.S. and England, followed by an examination of the movement from the perspective of three social movement theories (the classical model, the new social movement theory, and the resource mobilization theory). Argues that resource mobilization is the best theory for understanding the rise of the movement and its ability to gain mass support. 12 pages, 33 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $84
12452. The Apache Warrior Geronimo. Discusses the life of the Apache leader and his long war against the U.S. Army. Also discusses the tactics used by Geronimo that enabled him to elude the U.S. Army for many years. 11 pages, 4 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $77
12451. Immigration to the United States. Discusses why immigrants came to America at the turn of the 20th century and why they settled mainly in the cities. Considers their contributions and notes that some of the earlier settlers accepted them while others rejected them. Also looks at the situation today, and the current problems of illegal immigration. 7 pages, 18 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $49
12448. A Country Made by War (Geoffrey Perret). Critical review of the first ten chapters of book on the use of military force in the rise of the U.S. as a world power. The book is found to be found to be exciting and informative, but the paper also points out some of the historical details that Perret failed to include. 9 pages, 22 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $63
12118. Wilson, Roosevelt and the World Wars. Compares and contrasts the presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR in the context of each president's road to war, wartime administration, and post-war goals. 8 pages, 8 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $56
12117. America's Formal and Informal Empires. Defines, compares and contrasts the notions of formal and informal empire within the context of the cycle of American foreign policy. Traces the appearance of formal empire from the period 1890-1912, considers the retreat to a private-sector driven informal empire during the interwar period, and looks at the development of a government-driven informal American empire through its "spheres of influence" in the Cold War. 7 pages, 14 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $49
12035. The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. Overview and analysis of the nationwide Ku Klux Klan (KKK) movement in the 1920s, focusing on the movement as an expression of racist-nativism sentiments. 10 pages, 22 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $70
12003. Life and Works of Frederick Douglass. Discusses the life and career of the 19th Century African-American who escaped from slavery to become an influential writer and speaker during the abolition movement. Considers not only how he was influenced by the realities of his time, but how he provided an inspiration to other African-Americans at the time. 7 pages, 18 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $49
11545. The Annexation of Hawaii. Detailed history of Hawaii since Cook, focusing on the meddling of foreign powers in Hawaiian politics, growth of haole group and the sugar interest, the Republic of 1883-8, and the American attitudes towards it including the theories of Hahan, the role of the Spanish-American war in bringing about annexation in 1898, detailed summary of that Congressional debate, and an overview of the recent history of Hawaii. 21 pages, 59 footnotes, 20 bibliographic sources.   $133
11544. Christian Ethics and the Rockefellers. Unusual historical examination of John D. Rockefeller and his son John Jr., asking whether they have led "exemplary" lives in terms of a set of Christian ethics based on Tillich, Schweitzer and others. Finds both men devoted themselves to philanthropy and doing good after being confronted with the consequences of selfish business practices. 12 pages, 24 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $84
11526. l.m. Friedman's Crime and Punishment in American Society. Favorable view of this history of the American criminal justice system, which tries to see the law and its enforcement institutions in the context of larger social changes, and as an aspect of the social power of the ruling groups. Covers American law and society from the 1600s to the 1990s. 8., 1f., 1b.   $56
11484. W. Jordan's White Man's Burden. Critical review of this book on the evolution of white attitudes towards blacks and equality. Focuses on the complexities of the evolution of white attitudes toward blacks and how these shaped behavior; reviewer faults Jordan for failing to document key points. 10p. Notes in Text. 1b.   $70
11467. "Save Our State" and the Anti-Immigration Movement in Historical Perspective. Examines the recent passage of California's Proposition 187, and its historical precedents. Looks at the pros and cons of Proposition 187, considers its rationale, and compares it with the 19th century laws restricting Chinese immigration. 11 pages, 28 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $77
11415. Labor Organization Among Chinese Immigrants. Basic brief history of Chinese labor in American from the 1850s to the 1930s, including the origin of white hatred for "coolies," conditions of early Chinese laborers, the importance and positive and negative aspects of the Six Companies, anti-Chinese racism, conditions in New York's Chinatown and the formation of Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance and other recognizably "modern" adaptations after 1930. 10 pages., 16 footnotes in text, 5 bibliographic sources.   $70
11407. The Chinese Exclusion Laws. Drawing upon both recent, retrospective analyses and reports from the era, the paper examines the Chinese Exclusion Acts from 1854 through 1882. Reviews the specific laws and policies aimed at Chinese exclusion and considers the public sentiment and rationale underlying their enactment. 7 pages, 14 footnotes in text, 5 bibliographic sources.   $49
11406. Chinese Labor in California. Historical overview of the conditions and activities of Chinese immigrants in California and other states in the 1800s. Considers where they worked, white reactions, labor and life conditions, and the institutionalization of job segregation. 7 pages, 19 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $49
11272. The Reconstruction: Success or Failure in Social/Political Reform? This analysis offers a critique of the Reconstruction as an experiment in political and social reform as viewed by three contemporary historians: McKitrick's (1960) Andrew Johnson and the Reconstruction, Thomas Holt's (1977) Black Over White, and Foner's (1990) Short History. 10 pages, 25 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $70
11194. The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987 Compared. Compares why these stock market crashed and argues that the economic fundamentals that caused 1929 did not cause 1987, which was rather the result of changes in corporate capital structures, program trading, and electronic transfers. Analyzes the economic and political scenes of these eras; the role of institutions (banks, mutual funds, pension funds, etc.); various economic theories, how the crashes proceeded; their aftermaths; why 1929 led to the Depression; why 1987 did not. 25 pages, 107 footnotes, 64 bibliographic sources.   $133
11134. The Movies and the Depression. Looks at the American film industry in the 1930s; problems with censorship, social criticism, and escapism are analyzed. The advances of film technology are related to comedy, drama, cartoons and gangster films. 11 pages, 17 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $77
11057. Continuity in American Experience. Elements of political, cultural, and social continuity in America over the last two hundred years are examined. Religious revivals, trade and foreign involvement issues, and the political and electoral process are examined. 5 pages, 7 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
10597. A Review of "The Good War" by Studs Terkel. Review of a "memory book" concerning World War II. Servicemen and women, "interned" Japanese-Americans, people who worked on the development of the atom bomb are interviewed. Terkel's objective is seen to be finding highly person accounts of the WWII experience, rather than presenting moral evaluations. The paper concludes that what emerges from the book is a deep uncertainty about the ethics of the American war efforts. 5 pages, 15 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
10596. The Homestead Strike. Thorough explanation of the causes of the strike, the tactics of the principle groups involved, and the failure of the workers to achieve their objectives. 5 pages, 13 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
10549. The Role of Political Factors in the Severity of the Great Depression. Considers the evidence supporting the theory that the Great Depression was severely influenced by the absence of international economic leadership. Discusses what would constitute appropriate leadership and whether this theory gives an adequate understanding of the Great Depression. 13 pages, 18 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $91
10446. Why the League of Nations Failed. An excellent paper which argues that the League of Nations failed primarily because the United States refused to join. The discussion focuses primarily on why Wilson failed to gain the support of the Senate and why U.S. involvement was necessary. The conclusion notes the lessons of the League which contributed to U.N. success. 26 pages, 57 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $133
10426. The Rise of David Levinsky: Portrait of the Jewish Immigrant. Examines the treatment of Jewish ethnicity in Cahan's 1917 novel ,and compares it with non-fiction accounts of the experience of ethnic Jewish immigrants in New York during the period of 1885-1930. Among the specific issues explored are ethnic identity, relations with other ethnic groups, degree of assimilation and acculturation, and intra-ethnic relations. 9 pages, 22 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $63
10346. The 1896 and 1932 Elections. The role of the two national elections in realignment of U.S. politics is noted; 1896 is seen as a Republican landslide, 1932 Democratic. 6 pages, 8 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $42
10310. Holocaust and the American Press. This paper provides a survey of the American print media coverage of the Holocaust during World War II. The essay argues that the press failed to give adequate coverage and that it failed to advocate government rescue action in spite of ample warning of genocide of the Jews. KEYWORDS: holocaust nazi jews genocide us press coverage. 16 pages, 16 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $112
10309. America and Social Revolution. Examines the question of whether the U.S. was on the verge of a social and political revolution in 1936. The view of Great Depression society as a revolutionary powder keg is challenged. 5 pages, 6 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
10296. The French Canadians at Amoskeag. A history of the French Canadian millworkers at the Amoskeag textile factory in Manchester, New Hampshire; looks at cultural patterns, assimilation and isolation in their experience. 6 pages, 8 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
10295. Labor Unions and Radicalism in the u.s. Looks at the failure of radical trade union syndicalism to take hold in the U.S., focusing on the pattern of unionization at the Amoskeag Mill in Manchester, New Hampshire. Radical socialism and non-political trade unionism are seen as parting ways at the turn of the century. 6 pages, 11 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $42
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