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18847. Suppression of Political Speech: Gitlow v. New York, 268 u.s. 652 (1925). This paper provides an overview and analysis of the 1925 Supreme Court case (Gitlow v. New York) involving a communist labor organizer convicted of anarchy in the state of New York. The U.S. Supreme Court case considered Gitlow’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights to free speech, considering in particular political speech. It is argued that Gitlow advanced an important rule about free speech in America, that the government can suppress political speech only if it can show that the speech creates a “clear and present danger.” As this rule evolved in cases after Gitlow’s, it requires two showings: the danger must be so grave that it justifies repression of speech; and danger must be imminent. TAGS: free speech, First Amendment rights, labor movement, unions, state’s rights, Fourteenth Amendment rights, political speech, landmark Supreme Court case. APA Style. 7 pages, 23 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources. 1,645 words.   $49
17952. Nucor Corp. And the u.s. Steel Industry Case Study. This paper provides a case study analysis and case solution to a case study on Nucor Corp., the nation's biggest minimill and the fourth largest steel mill in the country, and the industry's benchmark for technological innovation, profitability, and efficiency. The case is drawn from Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson's Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization. The analysis looks at how Nucor achieved it success and considers how it can maintain growth and profitability in the future. The analysis includes an environmental analysis; a Porter's Five Forces analysis; a competitive analysis; an identification and analysis of Nucor's business level, corporate level and competitive strategies; an identification of Nucor's core competencies (tangible and intangible resources, capabilities); a value chain analysis; a financial performance appraisal; and a SWOT analysis. KEYWORDS: case solution steelmakers mini-mills sustainable competitive advantage labor relations strategy trust risk taking technological innovation. 12 pages, 15 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. 3274 words.   $84
17550. Labor Relations in Costa Rica. This paper provides an overview and analysis of labor relations in Costa Rica, with an emphasis on labor relations at international corporations operating in Costa Rica and the influence of powerful trade unions operating in Costa Rica’s public sector. Traces the history of trade unionism from the early 20th century and the banana workers employed at the United Fruit Company, considering the unique (for Central America) involvement of the national government as an advocate for labor. Profiles the current position of organized labor in the Costa Rican public and private sectors, and considers the disproportionate (to their numbers) power of trade unions. The concluding section considers the implications of trade union power for foreign corporations operating in Costa Rica. KEYWORDS: costa rica labor relations trade unions mncs foreign corporations fdi unionism fruit industry. APA Style. 15 pages, 45 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources. 3,652 words.   $105
17507. Right to Work Laws. This paper traces the history and provides an overview of state “right to work” laws, which prevented businesses from demanding that workers join unions and pay union dues in order to be hired. Examines the history of states’ right to work laws and considers the impact of Section 14(b) of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act on workers, labor unions, and businesses. Looks at efforts to repeal 14(b) and the conflict between right-to-work proponents and labor unions during the 1960s and 1970s; challenges to right-to-work laws in the 1990s, and the current status of these laws. KEYWORDS: labor legislation right to work law unions open closed shop nlra Taft Hartley act. MLA Style. 9 pages, 17 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. 2,230 words.   $63
17441. Labor Unions in the u.s. And Eu: A Comparative Analysis. This paper provides a comparative overview and analysis of the current situation and future prospects of labor unions in the United States (U.S.) and among the member states of the European Union (EU).The European analysis will discuss the position of organized labor within the EU in general terms, drawing on representative examples from different member states and including discussion both of countries where unions have traditionally been strong (e.g., Sweden) and countries where they have traditionally been weak (France). The impact of European integration on the status of unions in the EU will also be discussed. The bulk of the paper will compare and contrast the philosophical/political underpinnings, current status, and basic structure of labor unions in the U.S. and the EU. The concluding section of the paper will compare and contrast the central challenges facing labor unions in the U.S. and EU and the major responses that unions in the EU and U.S. have made to these challenges. KEYWORDS: american unions Europe unionization trends comparative us eu labor union. APA Style. 17 pages, 56 footnotes, 25 bibliographic sources. 6,208 words.   $119
17298. "Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal" by Eric Schlosser. This paper provides a summary and review of Schlosser’s (2001) book profiling and lambasting America’s fast food industry and its negative impact on American consumers and workers. Argues that Schlosser’s book not only describes a serious problem that exists in American society in the present day, but also offers hope and suggestions for ways to overcome the problem. KEYWORDS: book review fast food industry burgers pizza tacos sanitation low wage workers. 7 pages, 11 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 1,641 words.   $49
17199. Pre-Employment Drug Testing. This paper provides a review, analysis and interpretation of recent academic literature on pre-employment drug testing. The review of scholarly literature on pre-employment drug testing is grouped into the two main categories of process research (that which examines employer approaches, procedural issues, legal issues and ethical issues) and outcome research (that which considers the impacts, effects, and effectiveness of pre-employment drug testing). The discussion and interpretation of the literature comments on the effectiveness of pre-employment drug testing, considers its impact on employee-employer relations, stipulates a number of legal, ethical and process concerns, and makes recommendations for practice in terms of policies, procedures and safeguards. Keywords: employee drug testing pre-employment law ethics employee employer relations morale productivity effectiveness. 30 pages; 153 footnotes; 36 bibliographic sources. 7,856 words.   $133
17197. First Central Bank of River City Harvard Case Study 9488015. This paper provides a Berkeley Research legal and ethical analysis of a Harvard Business School case study (9488015) on First Central Bank of River City involving an attempt by the International Metal Workers Union (IMU) to organize the bank’s white collar workers. The legal analysis first summarizes the relevant facts of the case and articulates the critical issues. The applicable legal rules are identified and discussed. The legal analysis concludes with recommendations on the appropriate legal action. The second part of the paper presents an analysis of the ethical issues in the case. The major ethical issues are identified and discussed. Possible ethical alternatives are identified and recommendations for appropriate ethical action stated. Keywords: banking unionization white collar workers union busting ethics labor law case study case solution. 16 pages; 33 footnotes; 8 bibliographic sources. 3,962 words.   $112
15798. The Master Labor Agreement (Mla) Between the u.s. Marine Corps (Usmc) and the American Federation of Government Employees (Afge). Describes and analyzes the history, development and scope of the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) reached between the USMC and AFGE in August 1998. Explicates the major components of the agreement, including collective bargaining provisions, rights of management and employees, disciplinary actions, dispute resolution, etc. Includes details on recent amendments made through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) . 11 pages, 24 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $77
15687. Women & Minorities' Attitudes Towards Unions. Explores historical and current attitudes of women and minorities towards unions and unionization versus that shown by white males. Traces the history of the growth of minority/female union membership in the U.S., profiles the current demographic composition of union membership, and considers the reasons behind minorities' and women's more favorable attitudes towards unions and greater inclination (versus white males) to join unions in an era when union membership overall has fallen to an all-time low. KEYWORDS: labor unions united states unionization minorities women blacks hispanics asians. APA Style. 11 pages, 35 footnotes, 19 bibliographic sources. 3,730 words.   $77
15665. Regional Unemployment in Europe & Uk. In terms of finding a solution to the problem of regional unemployment, one school of thought holds that, "The basic cause of local or regional concentrations of unemployment must be a lack of sufficient jobs, and the answer is thus essentially to create more jobs." This essay critically analyzes and discusses that assertion with respect to the situation in the UK and throughout Europe. The paper argues that while the assertion is over-simplified and lacking in specificity critical to solving the problem of regional unemployment disparity, it is rooted in truth. The underlying veracity of the statement is made evident through an examination of the specific causes of regional unemployment and by looking at the results of various efforts to reduce regional unemployment disparities. The essay argues that solutions to the problem will require job-creating strategies specifically targeted to the locality and the category of effected workers, particularly the most vulnerable manual laborers and less skilled female workers. KEYWORDS: european unemployment regional employment uk unemployed regional disparities employment. 12 pages, 35 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. 3,243 words.   $84
15448. Employee Empowerment in the Hospitality Industry. This research paper provides an overview and analysis of employee empowerment in the U.S. hospitality industry. Following an overview and definition of the concept of empowerment, the term paper reviews the literature on employee empowerment in the hospitality industry, looking at empowerment programs in both the lodging and the food and beverage industry. The essay considers the rationale for empowerment in hospitality organizations; profiles the range, scope and structure of empowerment programs in use within the industry; examines barriers and facilitators (e.g., organizational, psychological, etc.) to empowerment implementation; considers the outcomes of empowerment and its impact on organizational effectiveness; and makes recommendations on the successful implementation of employee empowerment in the hospitality industry. KEYWORDS: restaurants hotels hospitality industry employee empowerment hrm strategy term paper. 25 pages, 78 footnotes, 31 bibliographic sources.   $133
15442. Bilingual Code Switching. This paper provides an overview and analysis of bilingual code switching. Following a brief definition of code switching and a discussion of its major variants, the analysis considers the phenomenon of bilingual code switching from both a grammatical/syntactic perspective and a discourse/pragmatic perspective. In terms of the grammatical/syntactic perspective, the analysis will examine where in a discourse code switching is most likely to occur and look at the theoretical literature which examines how bilinguals are able to code switch. In terms of the discourse/pragmatic perspective, the analysis focuses on social and linguistic motivations for code-switching and i.e. why does code-switching occur under what context does it occur? KEYWORDS: linguistics term paper bilingualism bilinguals code-switching dual language use. APA Style. 10 pages, 36 footnotes, 11 bibiliographic references.   $70
15237. Public Sector Labor Management Relations Law. This research paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the Federal Labor-Management Relations Statute as subsumed within the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978. Following a history and detailed discussion of the purpose and central provisions of the CSRA's labor law, the analysis considers the federal labor law in comparative context to the major private sector labor law (Labor Management Relations Act, also known as "Taft-Hartley Act") as well as to New York state's Public Employees' Fair Employment Act (better known as the "Taylor Law"). Included in this comparative analysis is a description and analysis of the administrative agencies which administer and enforce the respective laws (e.g. FLRA, NLRB, and PERB). The concluding sections examine recent significant agency and court decisions related to the federal labor-management relations law as well as current issues regarding the law. A final section compares the federal labor management relations law to other public sector laws and considers how the law could be improved. KEYWORDS: public sector labor law research paper. APA Style. 30 pages, 110 footnotes, 33 bibliographic sources.   $133
15212. The Patco Strike (1981) and the Nbs Basketball Lockout (1998-99). The similarities and differences between these two labor struggles are discussed. In both cases, the employers were able to gain the upper hand. However, in the PATCO strike, air traffic control workers were fired for demanding their rights, while in the NBA lockout, the players gave up their demands under the threat of a canceled season. 10 pages, 18 footnotes, 7 bibliographic.   $70
15135. Labor Management Relations Law in the Public Sector. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the Federal Labor-management Relations Statute as subsumed within the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978. Following a history and detailed discussion of the purpose and central provisions of the CSRA's labor law, the analysis considers the federal labor law in comparative context to the major private sector labor law (Labor Management Relations Act, also known as "Taft-Hartley Act") as well as to New York State's Public Employees' Fair Employment Act (better known as the "Taylor Law"). Included in this comparative analysis is a description and analysis of the administrative agencies which administer and enforce the respective laws (e.g., FLRA, NLRB, and PERB). The concluding sections examine recent significant agency and court decisions related to the federal labor-management relations law as well as current issues regarding the law. A final section compares the federal labor management relations law to other public sector laws and considers how the law could be improved. 37 pages, 110 footnotes, 33 bibliographic references.   $133
14241. Weston Finishing Case Study. This paper presents an analysis and a solution to a case study of a furniture manufacturer (Weston Finishing) facing a major Carpenter’s Union strike. The case study was published in Managing the Small to Mid-Sized Company: Concepts and Cases by James Collins and William Lazier. The analysis considers the advantages and disadvantages of settling with the union; examines the long- and short-term consequences of Weston’s strike preparations; possible steps Weston could take to prevent the strike; and the long-term costs of the strike. Concludes with recommendations for action. KEYWORDS: case study solution unions labor dispute strike labor relations case studies. 7 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources. 1,792 words. 12, 5A1, 5D   $49
14091. Alternative Dispute Resolution. The paper provides an overview and analysis of alternative dispute resolution for settling employee disputes within nonunion organizations. Defines and describes the types of ADR (from informal internal dispute resolution procedures through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration) and their application in this setting. Considers the advantages and disadvantages of ADR. Examines the history of ADR in the non-union setting and outlines its legal basis. Considers controversies surrounding some forms of ADR -- particularly mandatory arbitration -- in the nonunion setting. KEYWORDS: legal alternatives dispute resolution arbitration term paper. APA Style. 15 pages, 42 footnotes, 16 bibliographic references. 3,861 words.   $105
14067. New York City's Workfare Experience Program. A paper on how the program has impacted public sector labor laws. Various laws and court cases are discussed, regarding such issues as health and safety, fair wages, the right to join unions, and the displacement of regular workers. 17 pages, 50 footnotes, 10 bibliographic reference.   $119
14033. Globalization and the Problem of Labor Market Abuse. This report considers the influence of globalization on abuses in labor markets (focusing in particular on the problem of the exploitation of workers) from the perspective of sociological theory. Following an introduction to the problem, the economic, cultural and political aspects of the problem are considered from the perspective of Chase-Dunn’s (1998) world systems theory, Robertson’s (1992) globalization theory, and Sassen’s (1998) theories (political, economic, feminist) on globalization and its problems. The concluding sections present a re-framing of the problem and a proposed research design to test the arguments made within that re-framing. 15 pages, 34 footnotes, 9 bibliographic references.   $105
13101. Drug Testing in the Workplace. Discusses the laws, cases and controversies relating to this issue, with emphasis on the views of union leaders and employees. Includes such concerns as collective bargaining, invasion of privacy, inaccuracy of tests, opposition to random testing, and support for treatment of those found to be drug users. The paper also includes four tables showing survey data on the opinions of union workers. 26 pages, 89 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources.   $133
13016. The Diminishing Role for Unions in Modern Industrial Relations. Critically assesses the proposition that unions have no place in modern industrial relations. Through an examination of the patterns and factors involved in the decline in unionization, this essay argues that Anglo-Saxon style (i.e., unions based on adversarial management-labor relations and on collective bargaining) have, for ill or for good, lost a great deal of their relevance within modern industrial relations. At the same time, the case is made that there is a need for an institutional/organizational framework to replace the traditional unions. Finding an appropriate replacement will require not only concessions and a more favorable attitude towards workers from management, but also increased flexibility and adaptability on the part of employee organizations. 13 pages, 29 footnotes, 26 bibliographic sources.   $91
12295. The Costs and Benefits of Labor Exporting in the Middle East: The Case of Egypt. This paper examines the dynamics of the Arab Middle Eastern labor market, considering the cost and benefits of labor exporting from the perspective of the single biggest exporter in the inter-Middle Eastern labor market: Egypt. Specifies the "push" and "pull" factors involved in migration, profiles the scope of migratory patterns, analyzes benefits and costs, considers current trends and prospects for the future. 15 pages, 37 footnotes, 19 bibliographic sources.   $105
12216. The Decline of Labor Unions. Traces the decline of labor unions in the United States since World War II. Argues that while business and government have worked in concert to reduce unionization, the unions themselves are primarily responsible for their decline as a result of corruption, unrealistic demands, and links with organized crime. 7 pages, 13 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $49
12215. Wildcat Strikes. Reviews the role of wildcat or "illegal" strikes in 20th Century American labor history. Considers their use as actions against government employers (e.g., air controllers, postal workers), private sector employers, and unions. Examines the reasons behind the declining effectiveness (and use) of wildcat strikes after 1981. 7 pages, 16 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $49
12188. A Comparison of u.s. And u.k. Labor Unions. This investigation compares labor union history, development, structure and future in the U.K. and U.S. The first section of the paper examines the origins and early history of trade unions in each country, examining the role of tradition and the cultures of class conflict in their formation and looking at similarities and differences in their basic structure and development. the next section of the paper traces labor union development in each country through its period of legitimization through the second half of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century and on to its heyday in the mid-to-late 20th century, concluding with a brief summary on the key features and differences in each system. The final section of the paper examines the phenomenon of labor union decline in each country, considering the principal reasons for the decline, looking union responses, and speculating on the future of unionism in each country. 25 pages, 82 footnotes, 36 bibliographic sources.   $133
11870. The Portrayal of Labor Relations in f.i.s.t. Summarizes the film considering the limits of its depiction of organized labor. 5 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $35
11415. Labor Organization Among Chinese Immigrants. Basic brief history of Chinese labor in American from the 1850s to the 1930s, including the origin of white hatred for "coolies," conditions of early Chinese laborers, the importance and positive and negative aspects of the Six Companies, anti-Chinese racism, conditions in New York's Chinatown and the formation of Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance and other recognizably "modern" adaptations after 1930. 10 pages., 16 footnotes in text, 5 bibliographic sources.   $70
11357. Boeing Company: Community Relations at Washington State's Biggest Employer. Examines community relations for Boeing Company. Considers the history of corporate community relations from Boeing's founding in 1916 up to the present, looking at both the company's positive and negative contributions to the area's development. The concluding section assesses Boeing as a place to work and makes recommendations for better corporate community relations. 8 pages, 29 footnotes, 20 bibliographic sources.   $56
11275. The Impact of Technology on Labor. This investigation addresses the impact of technology on work organization and labor practices in terms of the composition of the work force and the structure of job opportunities; the skill levels of the world force; the productivity of the organization; the conditions of work and/or the way work is done; the structure of the corporation; and union-management relations. KEYWORDS: technololgy job structure work organization. 15 pages, 36 footnotes, 24 bibliographic sources.   $105
11019. Union Behavior: Effect on Management and Organization. Explores the effects of union-related employee group behavior on management style and on overall organization structure. Following a brief overview of the definition and role of labor unions, looks at the effects of union-related employee group behavior such as organizing, collective bargaining and retaliatory tactics on management and organization. A concluding section explores recent trends in union-related employee group behavior such as concession bargaining, employee takeovers, etc. and their impact on management and organization. 11 pages, 17 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources.   $77
10608. A Review of "Which Side Are You on?" by Thomas Geoghegan. A labor lawyer discusses his disillusionment with the modern labor movement, detailing problems of bureaucracy, internal politics, and the inherent cultural conflict with individualism. 7 pages, 16 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $49
10596. The Homestead Strike. Thorough explanation of the causes of the strike, the tactics of the principle groups involved, and the failure of the workers to achieve their objectives. 5 pages, 13 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
10589. The Concept of Americanism in Working Class Americanism by Gary Gerstle. A thorough discussion of Gerstle's central theme, this paper reports the origins of Americanism, its usefulness to both radicalism and the government, and its development into a powerful ideology among ethnic minorities. 11 pages, 33 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $77
10571. The Rise and Fall of the United Auto Workers. Following a history of the UAW through its heyday under Walter Reuther in the post-war years, the analysis considers the decline of UAW power in the 1970s and 1980s. The concluding analysis considers the future of the UAW, looking at possible new models of union-management relations (e.g., Saturn) and recent trends in UAW- management negotiations. 20 pages, 47 footnotes, 28 bibliographic sources.   $133
10540. Insurance Costs, Collective Bargaining, and Employers. Discusses techniques used by companies to cap medical costs: HMO's, manipulating workman's compensation claims and disability insurance claims, "cafeteria" plans. Strategies for employees aimed at maximizing their health care dollar are discussed, as are possible national policies which would lower health care costs. 6 pages, 14 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $42
10529. Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports. A legal perspective on the unionizing of professional athletes. Discusses the history and formation of collective bargaining procedures, including major court cases involved, focusing on labor and antitrust issues. 11 pages, 29 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $77
10526. The Evolving Character of u.s. Management-Labor Relations. Considers recent changes in the traditional structure of American labor-management relations, particularly as these apply to union-management relations. 5 pages, 8 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources.   $35
10514. Job Enrichment Work Teams and Unions. Considers legal issues related to "quality circles" and job enrichment teams: Are they unions? Are team leaders managers? Discusses the new ruling by the National Labor Relations Board which limits the subject matter of quality circles. 5 pages, 2 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
10409. Industrial Relations: Japan and the United Kingdom. This paper compares and contrasts industrial relations in Japan and the United Kingdom from the perspective of evolving systems in each country. Following an overview of the "traditional" system of industrial relations along with a review of recent changes (and causative factors) in each country, a summary comparison of the two systems is presented. KEYWORDS: comparative labor industrial relations japan uk. 12 pages, 40 footnotes, 28 bibliographic sources.   $84
10328. Employee Attitudes Towards Unions. This paper provides an overview of contemporary employee attitudes towards unions. It examines models of union commitment and the factors involved in employee union commitment, with attention to the relationship between membership decline and union commitment. The paper then explores possible factors involved in changing union composition, addressing the impact of quality of work life programs, considering the observed negative relationship between union membership and job satisfaction, and the influence of employer anti-union campaigns. Finally, the investigation examines the growth of association-type labor organizations and looks at how employee attitudes towards these relative new labor organizations differ from employee attitudes towards traditional unions with collective bargaining powers. 12 pages, 21 footnotes, 17 bibliographic sources.   $84
10295. Labor Unions and Radicalism in the u.s. Looks at the failure of radical trade union syndicalism to take hold in the U.S., focusing on the pattern of unionization at the Amoskeag Mill in Manchester, New Hampshire. Radical socialism and non-political trade unionism are seen as parting ways at the turn of the century. 6 pages, 11 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $42
10057. Ethics, Labor Relations and Entrepreneurism at Chrysler Corp. A case analysis of three problems which have faced Chrysler over the past few years and which illustrate the corporations' underlying culture and management imperatives: 1) the 1987 odometer scandal; 2) labor relations and the conflict between highly-paid managers and union workers being asked to make big contract concessions; and 3) the difficulty of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in a large corporation which manufactures large, expensive products. 12 pages, 30 footnotes, 26 bibliographic sources.   $84
09973. The United Farm Workers Strike: California: 1965-1970. 7 pages, 14 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. See Section 12.   $49
09775. Working Women of Hong Kong. Detailed profile of female participation in Hong Kong's labor market. Considers economic, social and cultural opportunities and barriers to female employment. Issues such as occupational segregation and pay discrimination are analyzed. 20 pages, 51 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources.   $133
09739. Trade Unions and the Political Control of Labor in Marxism. Considers Marx' view of trade unionism in terms of his theory of capitalist production and historical forces of the time. The concluding analysis argues that contemporary Marxists must incorporate the trade union system in the framework of the advanced socialist industrial state. 5 pages, 5 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
09695. The Future of Pilot Unions. An analysis and assessment of the future of commercial pilot unions (ALPA and Allied). Following a brief historical overview, considers the "critical factors" in the unions' future: political climate, deregulation, anti-unionism, management's cost-cutting tactics, and inter-union rivalry within the industry. 14 pages, 47 footnotes, 41 bibliographic sources.   $98
09670. The Taiwanese Work Force and the Status of Labor Relations in Taiwan. Analyzes the labor situation in Taiwan from the perspectives of an American manager planning on doing business in Taiwan. Profiles the major characteristics of the labor force (work ethic, labor productivity, wages, etc.), union/management relations, and the impact of the developing high technology industry on labor. 14 pages, 26 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources.   $98
09619. Plant Closings: Social and Legal Issues. Examines the financial, social, and psychological costs of plant closings to workers and their communities. Considers management's traditional position as well as its social obligations to workers. Special attention is given to the recent federal plant closing law, WARN, including an analysis of its provisions and exemptions. 10 pages, 33 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $70
09617. Economics of Comparable Worth. This term paper argues against the implementation of comparable worth. Demonstrates that gender pay inequities and female occupational segregation are more the result of compensating wage differentials and women's personal choices than employer discrimination. Maintains that the forces of supply and demand, not government regulations on job "worth" are the best objective measure of wage scales. Further argues that comparable worth programs would disturb free market labor regulation in a way which would result in both labor shortages and labor surpluses within certain occupational groups. KEYWORDS: comparable worth gender parity wages women labor force. 12 pages, 23 footnotes, 17 bibliographic sources.   $84
09616. The Transformation of American Industrial Relations by Kochan, Katz and Mckersie. Summary and analysis of the central thesis, major themes and conclusions in this book which explores historical changes in the U.S. labor-management paradigm. 5 pages, 12 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
09615. Testing for Drugs and Aids: Issues for Union and Management. Considers economic, social and legal issues in employee drug testing and employee AIDS screening from both the proponent's (management) and opponent's (union/employee) viewpoint. Concludes that while employee drug testing (under certain parameters) finds widespread legal and public support, employee AIDS screening is legally, socially, and medically indefensible. 12 pages, 28 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $84
09594. The Right to Strike in the Public Sector. Explores the controversy over public employees' right to strike in the U.S. Compares private versus public employees' right to strike and the laws in the U.S. with other industrialized countries. Traces the evolution of collective bargaining in the public sector, concluding that the right to strike will soon be as clearly established in the public sector is it currently is in the private sector. 11 pages, 28 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $77
09267. The Role of Labor Unions From a Human Resources Perspective. The history and role of organized labor is examined from the standpoint of the human resources manager; declining power and influence of unions is seen leading to a more cooperative labor-management relationship. 15 pages, 22 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $105
09265. Personnel Policies in Australia and France. A comparative analysis of government-mediated employment regulations and status of unionization and collective bargaining in each country. 5 pages, 13 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $35
09109. Labor Management Issues in San Francisco. An overview and analysis of three central issues in San Francisco labor management; collective bargaining and unionism, quality of work life, and comparable worth. Focus on the local hospitality industry. Includes interview data. 19 pages, 33 footnotes, 25 bibliographic sources.   $133
09033. Japanese Labor Unions. A comparison of Japanese labor unions with their American coutnerparts; examines compnay unions, worker loyalty, and lifetime employment in the two cases. 12 pages, 18 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $84
08931. Labor and Politics in Japan and Great Britain. Discusses how the differences political strucutre, culture, and attitudes unionization in these two countries impact the relative strengths and weaknesses of labor parties in these two countries. 5 pages, 3 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
08474. San Francisco General Strike of 1934. Summary and critical evaluation of the strike. The essay argues that the strike itself, and the violent events surrounding it, arose not so much of labor-management disputes, but rather out of a conflict of political ideologies between conservative and radical factions within the unions, public and press. 8 pages, 19 footnotes in text, 1 bibliographic source with list of articles cited.   $56
08270. The Southern California Supermarket Employees Strike of 1985. Seen in the context of a nationwide trend toward union busting and across the board wage concessions, the pertinent factors and issues on both sides of this strike are examined. 9 pages, 10 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $63
08269. The Wheeling-Pittsburg Steel Company Strike. Examines the underlying issue of benefit and wage rollbacks in the 9,300 member USW strike against nine steel plants. Includes an industry analysis which considers the effects of foreign competition. 10 pages, 8 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $70
08268. Movie House Workers vs. United Artists. Historical background, underlying issues, management position and labor stance during the course of this 4-1/2 year as yet unsettled strike. Job extinction through changing technology seen as important factor. 11 pages, 12 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $77
08267. The Phelps Dodge Strike. Analysis of the copper industry strike in Arizona which focused on the central issue of wage patterning. The strike is viewed as an important victory for management and a foreboding predictor of bad times ahead for labor. 9 pages, 18 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $63
08243. United Auto Workers vs. Chrysler Canada. Analysis of this strike with particular attention paid to the UAW Canadian-American split in terms of wages and concessions. Pertinent historical background and the positions of labor and management are presented. 10 pages, 7 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $70
08205. The Watsonville Cannery Strike. Strategic analysis of the September 1985 strike in Watsonville, CA against two frozen food and canning companies. The underlying issues, pertinent historical factors, and the positions of labor and management are presented. 9 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $63
08168. San Francisco's Comparable Worth Case. Case study of San Francisco Ordinance No. 170-85 (enacted March 25, 1985) regarding comparable worth pay for clerical workers employed by the City of San Francisco. Presents historical background, discussion of related cases, arguments in favor and arguments against. 11 pages, 16 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $77
08068. Organized Labor in Crisis. An overview of the factors which have led to the decline in power and effectiveness of American labor unions. 9 pages, 29 footnotes, 30 bibliographic sources.   $63
08066. The Phelps Dodge Copper Strike. An analysis of the bitter and protracted strike against this Arizona mining company. Background information on the labor history of Phelps Dodge since the turn of the century, the issues involved in the strike, and evaluation of the two sides of the argument are included. 9 pages, 14 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $63
08065. The Disneyland Strike. An overview and analysis of the 1984 strike among service employees at Disneyland. Disneyland's history, the issues involved in the strike, and an evaluation of the settlement are included. 7 pages, 20 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $49
07681. Trade Unions and National Policy by Barbash. Review and summary of this 1972 book, which details how unions in Europe have influenced national economic policymaking and the implications of this for America. Specific countries covered are Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, W. Germany, Great Britain, and France; favorable review of Barbash's analytical focus on the "integration" of unions into overall national social structure (or lack of the same). The book holds its value well through the years since it was written. 9 pages, 18 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $63
07433. Industrial Relations in Australia. Scholarly overview of labor relations and economic history in Australia. Includes summary of culture, politics, and economic history; history of strong labor movement; Australia's unique system of compulsory arbitration, how it began and how it works in theory and practice; management rights and management unwillingness to anger unions; how arbitration evolved into national wage policy, and how this has become major issue for the new labor government of Bob Hawke. 15 pages, 31 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $105
07342. Religion and Civilization in the Arab Resurgence of the 20th Century. Interesting study, applying categories of Arnold Toynbee to modern Arab history. Covers Toynbee's analysis of religion as providing social order and individual understanding, Islam's success explained by its ability to meet these needs. Islamic vs. Western views of the confrontation between civilizations in the last 200 years; Arab thinkers as examples of westernization or traditionalism (Al-Afghani, Nuri al-Said, Haj Amin al-Husseini, Nasser); positive and negative views of resurgence of Islamic thought in 1970s; pro-Islamic conclusion. 7 pages, 21 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $49
07341. The Rise and Fall of Solidarity. Brief but detailed review of the Polish trade union from July 1980 to December 1981, covering communist rule in Poland, genesis of first strikes in July, the Gdansk charter, the threat of Soviet repression, development of Solidarity 80-81, imposition of martial law. Will repression work, or will revolt reemerge? 5 pages, 17 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources.   $35
07337. The March Inland: Origins of the Ilwu Warehouse Division by Schwartz. Sympathetic review and summary of this careful history of the drive for unionization of Northern California warehousemen during the Great Depression. A turbulent and dramatic period in which the companies resisted unionization with all legal and illegal means. 4p. 1b. (notes in text)   $28
07154. The Patco Strike of 1981 and Its Effects on Air Safety. This termpaper provides a balanced, thorough review of how the safety issue was used on both sides in the air traffic controller' strike, and the effects of the strike on air safety. PATCO's use of safety issue, contradictory charges, how FAA and pilots took over safety issue; little evidence that safety has been harmed by the new system of air traffic control. KEYWORDS: air traffic controller strike labor union dispute union busting reagan patco. 6 pages, 12 footnotes, 23 bibliographic sources.   $42
07153. The Air Controllers Strike of 1981: A Case Study. Very detailed, thorough and well-written history of a strike that was a spectacular failure. "PATCO's strategy...failed on all counts: the government was prepared with new contingency plans for operations, other unions failed to support PATCO for fear of losing their own jobs through bankruptcies, the airlines determined that PATCO militancy was a greater threat than short-term losses, the public did not respond to PATCO's claim that the system was unsafe...." 16 pages, 21 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $112
07021. Management by Motivation. Comprehensive overview of motivation theories of management. Includes the theories of: Taylor, Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Vroom, Lawler & Porter. Good theoretical discussion of differences between behavioralist theorists and motivation theorists (and why behavioralists are wrong); the modern synthesis of motivation techniques as revealed in recent books by Rosenbaum, Ford, and Ouchi. 17 pages, 33 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $119
06808. The 1981 Air Controller's Strike. A history and analysis of the 1981 PATCO strike, looking at its objectives, the response of other unions and of the federal government, and the reasons for the strike's failure. 8 pages, 7 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $56
06648. The Baseball Strike of 1981. The conflicts and controversies that led to the baseball players strike of 1981 are examined in this report; issues of costs, salaries and the compensation formula for contracts are detailed. 10 pages, 5 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $70
06373. Economic Effects of Collective Bargaining in Education. This paper seeks to examine the hypothesis that wage rates in education where the practice of collective bargaining is established are primarily determined by that practice. Based on an econmic analysis (as opposed to a political one) the paper concludes, with certain qualifications, that the original hypothesis is not true. 15 pages, 24 footnotes, 21 bibliographic sources.   $105
06222. Labor Practices in Japan. A historical look at the Japanese system of (ideal) lifetime employment, concentrating on the 20th century; labor practices in feudal Japan, the transition to an industrial society, labor relations, and conflicts in the 20th century, and outlook for change. 10 pages, 11 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $70
06029. The General Strike of 1934 and the San Francisco Labor Movement. An analysis of the maritime strike of 1934 and its role in making the ILWU and Harry Bridges San Francisco institutions. 6 pages, 8 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $42
06025. Open-Shop Contracting: "The Only Way to Fly. A sympathetic survey of the case against the union-shop contract, but doubting the wisdom of laws which forbid it. 8 pages, 9 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $56
05812. Personnel Management: The Bart Labor Dispute. A discussion of the dispute which caused a suspension of the service during the summer of l979 -- a problem stemming from disagreement over the cost of living component in the wage settlement. 11p. 13f. 6 references to the S.F. Chronicle.   $77
05798. Union-Management Relations and Collective Bargaining. An examination of the overall power power positions of unions and management in modern American. Unions have a lot of legal and social advantages; emphasizes the bargaining process as a means of reconciling very different perspectives on the workplace. 7 pages, 7 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $49
05374. The Teamsters Union. A history of the growth of the Teamsters Union from its origins in Chicago in the 1850s to attaining its position as the largest union in the U.S. The study details the structure and strength of the union and examines its descent into corruption and links with organized crime under James Hoffa's leadership. 7 pages, 8 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $49
05218. The American Federatlon of Teachers: An Historical Overview of a Labor Union. An historical sketch of the AFT from its founding in 1897 into the 1970's, with a focus On political factionalism within the union. 8p., lOf., lOb.   $56
05104. Labor Education. A survey of the interaction between the educational system and the working class in America. Various types of labor education are spccified. The general idea is heartily approved, although it is suggested that specific details may be questioned. lOp., Of., 4b.   $70
05043. Organized Labor. A study of the labor movement, from the first labor unions and the advent of collective bargaining, to the status of labor union as monopolies of the workforce and as technological control systems. Roles of union and employer negotiators are compared. 8 pages, 7 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $56
04555. We Are Not Husbandmen: We Are Producers. Good examination of the attitudes of California growers since 1840's, the roots of the farm worker's strike; not a history of events but a discussion of interpretations of the origin of the farm workers; sympathetic to the UFW, the writer nevertheless finds that its historians could have been more critical in their findings and historical generalizations. lOp., 20f., 4b.   $70
04357. Proposal for a Study of Ideology in Public Employee Unions. Interesting proposal for a study of the feud between the American Federation of Teachers and the Am. Fed. of State, county and municipal employees, to see if there are.any real ideological differences and if these are reflected in actual negotiating behavior. 6p., Of.,.5b.   $42
04346. Public Personnel Policy. An outline for personnel policy by public employers. Covers matters such as recruitment, compensation, working conditions, evaluation, grievance procedure, tenure, etc. 7p., Of., 2b.   $49
04297. Collective Bargaining. A discussion of labor-management relations concentrating on the public sector. Argues that the growth of public employee unionism is inevitable and the rights of such unions to bargain should be clarified in law, if the best chances for relative labor peace are to be realized in this area. llp., lOf., 3b.   $77
04279. Labor in Twentieth Century Capitalist Economies. Interesting, well-argued paper that discusses the current situation of labor in terms of Marxist categories (but not dogmatically). What Marx and Lenin meant, increasing misery hypothesis not yet realized, leadership of workers, assessment of future possibilities. llp., llf., 8b.   $77
04194. History of the American Labor Movement. Skillful history of American unions since 1870, especially on ideological trends of labor movement, conflicts between Leftists and AFL in early years. 7 pages, 16 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $49
04143. The International Labor Organization. Good study; origins and history of the organization, organizational structures, and recent developments, especially conflict between capitalist and communist member countries. llp., 20f., 12b.   $77
03545. Employer and Union Coalitions in Bargaining. Overview of why some unions and businesses form coalitions for bargaining. 4 pages, 8 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $42
03346. The Western Addition Case. Good technical examination of the intricacies of labor law (specifically the right of dissident factions to disobey unions in bargaining) as revealed in Western Addition Community Organization Vs. National Labor Relations Board; law students should update with outcome of appeal. lOp., 29f., 14b.   $70
03326. Work Stoppages in the Public Sector. The history, philosophy and problems of public employee strikes, focusing on California. It is argued that California labor law needs to be revised. 12 pages, 6 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $84
02531. The Problems of Migrant Workers in Michigan. Good early study of the problems facing migrsnt workers in Michigan; low pay, poor housing, discrimination in public services snd especially education; focuses on possible ways to overcome these problems through greater concern and action by public and private agencies. 20p., lOf., sb.   $133
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