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18022. From Margin to Mainstream (Susan Hartmann) and Suburban Warriors (Lisa Mcgirr). This paper compares two books on important social-political movements in the U.S. in the late twentieth century. Hartmann's book is concerned with the women's movement and McGirr's book is concerned with the conservative ("New Right") movement. The paper first discusses the content of each book separately, and then compares and contrasts them. It is concluded that both books are useful as informative historical texts; however, Hartmann's book is more engaging and it provides broader coverage of its specific topic. KEYWORDS: comparative book review history women's movement feminism new right conservatism. MLA Style. 11 pages, 17 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources. 2,582 words.   $77
17457. The Tsunami Generation: Psycho-Social Consequences of the 2004 Tsunami. This paper considers the longer-term psycho-social consequences of the 2004 tsunami on the communities most devastated by the event. The analysis focuses in particular on the potential future consequences of a disaster which had such a major impact on the children of the region. The analysis considers the consequences both in terms of the children survivors and in terms of the impact of a disaster which killed such a large number of children. Possible future scenarios considered include adjustment difficulties and widespread post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among child survivors, victimization of child survivors, change in how society views children, PTSD and survivor guilt among parents who lost children, and the broader future social consequences. KEYWORDS: Asian tsunami post-traumatic stress disorder children social psychological impact disasters. 10 pages; 23 footnotes; 19 bibliographic references. 2,767 words.   $70
17391. Feminist Social Research. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the concept and application of feminist social research. The concept of feminist social research is defined, and its central elements contrasted with those of traditionally-defined male-centered “scientific” research. Both the major epistemological perspectives and the central methodologies of feminist social research are discussed. Through a review of current literature on the topic, the analysis seeks to identify what is distinctive about feminist social research and to illustrate these distinctive elements with examples drawn from feminist social research studies. KEYWORDS: feminism feminist research methods methodology social research postmodern lived experience qualitative. APA Style. 15 pages, 39 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. 4,083 words.   $105
17375. Mass Consumption, 1880-1940: A Comparative View: The United States & Western Europe. This essay examines and analyzes the key characteristics of American mass consumerism during the period 1880-1940 and considers how this mass consumerism compared to mass consumption in Britain and Western Europe during this period. The investigation looks at the social, political, and economic aspects of mass consumerism during this period and considers some of the ways in which consumption patterns and responses were affected by class, race, and gender. It is argued that the basic drivers of mass consumption and basic markers of its development were quite similar in all the countries observed, although the timing of the emergence of mass consumption often differed markedly between the countries. The role of the state in shaping consumerism and the emergence of some variation of a “citizen consumer” is another commonality noted. Despite many similarities in the basic patterns of mass consumption that emerged in America and in the industrialized nations of Western Europe, it is argued that national culture, history, population, geography, economy and politics provided a unique character to mass consumption as it emerged in each of the countries examined. KEYWORDS: mass consumption consumerism mass consumerism comparative western European american. APA Style. 26 pages, 78 footnotes, 33 bibliographic sources. 7,572 words.   $133
17297. Fashion and Identity. . This paper presents an overview of the role of fashion in the construction of identity. There is widespread agreement among social theorists that fashion is a primary factor in how individuals define and express themselves. In many cases, fashion is used to express an “alternative” sense of identity (among feminists and counterculture youth, for example). Concludes that while differences in fashion are found around the world in terms of such things as gender, social class, and age, there are also cultural variations. In addition, the values that relate to meaning and identity in fashion tend to change over the course of time. KEYWORDS: fashion clothing symbolic representation identity. 10 pages, 37 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. 2,406 words.   $70
17288. Profile of Photographer Michael Disfarmer. This paper profiles the life and work of photographer Michael Disfarmer. Disfarmer (whose real name was Mike Meyers) is known for the black and white portraits that he took between the 1930s and 1950s of the poor, rural people in the community of Heber Springs, Arkansas. KEYWORDS: rural Americana photography. 6 pages, 16 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. 1,471 words.   $42
17174. "Mallrats" and "Scenes From a Mall". This paper draws on a comparison of two movies featuring malls as their primary setting to discuss mall marketing and mall consumer issues. The two films are Paul Matzursky’s “Scenes from a Mall” (1991) and Kevin White’s “Mallrats” (1995). These two films present two very different impressions of mall marketing and mall lifestyles in America. Keywords: shopping malls consumer behavior teenagers. 7 pages, 7 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $49
17166. The "Common Culture" of Youth. This essay explores the concept of youth and identity formation with reference to social differentiation in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, and locality. The analysis considers to what extent and in what sense there exists a ‘common culture’ of youth. It is argued that there is a common culture of youth. It is argued that there is a common culture of youth in the sense that youths of various ages, gender, ethnic, racial and geographic backgrounds make use of similar modes of cultural expression (e.g. music, dress, etc.), although the specifics of this expression are influenced by race, ethnicity, gender, age, and locality. It is further argued that young people use culture to create and define their identities. 25 pages; 62 footnotes; 25 bibliographic sources. 6,493 words.   $133
15941. Interview With a Woman Who Grew Up in the 1930'S. This paper presents the results of an interview with a women who grew up in the 1930's. The woman reminisces on the hardships of the Great Depression, the use of radio and other sources of entertainment, and her memory of the major events of the time. 5 pages; 0 footnotes; 0 bibliographic sources.   $35
15682. Conflict in the Cockpit. This paper presents a case study on how crewmember personalities were major contributing causal factors in a human error-caused commercial aviation accident. Following a presentation of the accident scenario and a discussion of the personality factors in the accident, the analysis places the problem within the context of human factor-caused aviation accidents and considers ways to present such conflicts, asking specifically if the personalities of the pilot and other cockpit crew members should be pre-screened as a way to limit conflict. KEYWORDS: human factor analysis aviation accidents pilot conflict pilots co-pilots behavior personality. 13 pages, 32 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources.   $91
15651. Domestic Violence in Britain. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the problem of and responses to domestic violence in Great Britain. The specific focus of this study is the role of criminal justice agencies in Great Britain dealing with domestic violence. Profiles the current scope of the problem, traces the history of the legal treatment of domestic violence in England, profiles historical and current laws pertaining to domestic violence and examines the role of police and the Crown Prosecution Service in dealing with the problem. KEYWORDS: domestic violence spouse abuse criminal justice britain essay. APA Style. 21 pages, 67 footnotes, 21 bibliographic sources. 5,526 words.   $133
15647. The Status of Women in India Versus the u.s. This paper presents an overview and analysis of the status of women in India as compared to women in the United States. The analysis considers women's position in terms of work, family, legal rights, education, health and social responsibilities and roles. The primary focus of this report is on the current status of women in India (with reference to their historical position) versus the position of women as assessed along similar factors in the U.S. KEYWORDS: status women cross cultural india united states women social economic discrimination indian american sex roles sex ratio. APA Style. 13 pages, 59 footnotes, 31 bibliographic sources. 5,567 words.   $91
15638. Trends in Islamic Marriage in the u.s. This paper provides an overview and analysis of trends in Islamic marriage in the United States (with reference to current trends in Europe as well). Following a brief profile of the Muslim population in the U.S., and traditional views on Islamic marriage, the analysis considers trends arranged marriages, marriages to relatives, marital contracts, divorce, and relations within marriage. KEYWORDS: muslim americans married islamic marriage. 12 pages, 29 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. 3,367 words.   $84
15629. A Critical Review of the Methodology in Lawes' (1999) Marriage: An Analysis of Discourse. This paper presents a critical review of the methodology and related issues in Lawes' (1999) social psychological investigation of a group of British "Generation Xer's" construction of marriage as reported in her article, Marriage: An Analysis of Discourse. The methodology used in this study is a fairly new approach called "discourse analysis." The paper first provides an overview of this methodology, and then a step-by-step critique of Lawes' study, examining her research questions, sampling, data collection, data organization, interpretation and analysis, and conclusions. 15 pages, 44 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources.   $105
15624. The Counterculture of the 1960'S. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the 1960s counterculture. The analysis begins with an effort to define the 1960's counterculture and to describe its general scope and central features. The next section explores the etiology of the 1960's counterculture (i.e., what led its development in the 1960's) and examines its central driving forces throughout the era. The final section examines the influence of the counterculture. KEYWORDS: 1960s sixties counterculture movement hippies protest movements rebellion youth social change 1960s. 15 pages, 24 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources. 4,120 words.   $105
15468. Immigrant & Refugee Women of Europe & North America. This term paper provides an overview and analysis of the current status and acculturation issues among the immigrant/refugee women of Europe and North America. Following an overview of some of the issues of legal and illegal immigration and the distinction between immigrants and refugees, the essay explores issues of acculturation and assimilation among the immigrant/refugee women as they struggle to settle in their new homelands. KEYWORDS: women immigrants refugees immigration female term paper. APA Style. 23 pages, 53 footnotes, 26 bibliographic references. 7,407 words.   $133
15442. Bilingual Code Switching. This paper provides an overview and analysis of bilingual code switching. Following a brief definition of code switching and a discussion of its major variants, the analysis considers the phenomenon of bilingual code switching from both a grammatical/syntactic perspective and a discourse/pragmatic perspective. In terms of the grammatical/syntactic perspective, the analysis will examine where in a discourse code switching is most likely to occur and look at the theoretical literature which examines how bilinguals are able to code switch. In terms of the discourse/pragmatic perspective, the analysis focuses on social and linguistic motivations for code-switching and i.e. why does code-switching occur under what context does it occur? KEYWORDS: linguistics term paper bilingualism bilinguals code-switching dual language use. APA Style. 10 pages, 36 footnotes, 11 bibiliographic references.   $70
13151. The Amish. Discusses the origins of the sect in the sixteenth century, and its subsequent migration to America. Also discusses the unique beliefs and lifestyle of the Amish, as well as such controversies as the group's refusal to fight in wars, and its rejection of the public school education system. 11 pages, 38 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $70
12734. Rural Intentional Communities in the u.s. Describes the advantages and disadvantages of these communities and the types of people attracted to them. Includes views of members of three communities: the Farm (a vegetarian commune), the Renaissance Community (a land cooperative) and the Cheesecake Community (a retirement community). 16 pages, 36 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $112
12011. Marketing to "Generation X." The basic demographic and socio-psychographic characteristics of "Xers" (people born between 1964-1977) are discussed and analyzed. To better define Generation X and differentiate its members from other generational groups, the analysis compares Xers with "baby boomers." 18 pages, 42 footnotes, 26 bibliographic sources.   $126
11978. Christian Influences on Voodoo. Discusses the syncretic mixing of beliefs caused by the forced conversion of African slaves to Christianity. Includes a discussion of the controversies surrounding voodoo as it is practiced in America today. 11 pages, 31 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $77
11669. Black Americans: A Statistical Survey and Comparison. A solid examination of the basic statistical evidence that Blacks on the 1990's experience a different America than others. Summarizes Census Data on residential concentration, birth, death, education, income employment, family life and crime to conclude that Blacks do constitute a separate community in American life. 14 pages, 27 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $98
11377. Work Satisfaction & Occupational Stress Across Occupations. Examines Hofstede's findings on the stress-satisfaction balance of occupations in light of reports indicating rising job dissatisfaction among higher level employees. Considers some of the factors (e.g, work environment, organizational structure, changing values, work-family conflict) which may contribute to the apparent change in stress/satisfaction balance at higher occupational levels. KEYWORDS: job satisfaction employee stress work environment geert hofestede. 8 pages, 13 footnotes in text, 7 bibliographic sources.   $56
11364. Socio-Economic Status and Black-White Homicide Rates. A review of literature and content analysis study testing the hypothesis that socioeconmic variables explain the higher rate of homicides among blacks (versus whites). Descriptions of racial variation in homicide and theories postulating explanations for the variation are presented. The study finds little support for the hypothesis that socioeconomic variables explain the racial differences in homicide rates. 10 pages, 36 footnotes, 24 bibliographic sources.   $70
11317. Elder Abuse. Overview and analysis of the problem of elder abuse. Defines the problem, considers its prevalence in contemporary society and the reasons for its growth, and examines legal, community and family-based prevention and intervention strategies. 12 pages, 15 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $84
11249. Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working Class Family by Lillian Rubin. Review of study of social and sexual ideas of the white working class and their feelings of social displacement and disenfranchisement. 5 pages, 9 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
11015. Participant Observation in Ritual: The Roman Catholic Mass. Personal description of Mass by a non-Catholic linking literature to observation. Describes dramatic and narrative structure and meaning of the ritual and its implications. 5 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $35
10497. Marriage and Cultural Indoctrination in Africa. Discusses how marriage rites reflect and indoctrinate social values such as male dominance, the nature of religious worship, the rules of property, and social hierarchies. 10 pages, 23 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $70
10496. The Mulatto Escape Hatch: Explains Differences in Race Relations in Brazil and the United States. An explanation and analysis of Carl Degler's thesis of the "mulatto escape hatch" which offers an explanation for the different outcomes of post-slavery race relations in the two countries. 5 pages, 10 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
10487. Caste and Class in Four English Novels: The treatment of social class and caste restrictions in English society are examined in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", Dicken's "Great Expectations", Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited", and Margaret Drabble's "The Waterfall". The range and contrast of caste distinctions is seen narrowing over the two hundred years covered in the four books. 10 pages, 16 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $70
10418. The Process of Modernization in Western Civilization. This paper looks at the process of modernization, considering some of the central factors critical to its emergence in Western Civilization as well as the extent to which this process of modernization is responsible for such contemporary "problems" as resource depletion, overpopulation, environmental degradation and the secularization of consciousness. 12 pages, 27 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $84
10325. Elkins on Slavery. Historian Stanley Elkins' theory of slavery as an institutional problem of American culture is contrasted with Kolchin's view of slavery as a complex and varied phenomenon in various societies. 9 pages, 9 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources.   $63
10305. Discrimination, Racism and the Japanese Underclass: A Pervasive Social Problem. To gain an overview of the scope and magnitude of the problem of social, racial and/or ethnic-based discrimination in contemporary Japanese society, this paper looks at the history and current status of three different minority groups in contemporary Japan -- the Burakumin (eta or untouchables), ethnic Koreans, and newly-arrived Asian migrant laborers. 10 pages, 17 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources.   $70
10232. Organization Development: Intervention & Implementation Trends. This term paper examines trends and developments in OD interventions over the past decade with a view in mind towards the future viability of OD practice. The central research question are answered through an analysis and interpretation of both qualitative and the more limited quantitative recent OD literature as well as through an examination of pertinent cases in OD intervention implementation. Following a brief definition of OD and a discussion of the major categories of OD intervention, the analysis looks at cases of OD intervention in a range of industries and organizations. KEYWORDS: organizational development OD interventions organizational systems. 21 pages, 62 footnotes, 53 bibliographic sources.   $133
10139. The Criminology of Edwin Sutherland. The life and work of the American criminologis are reviewed; Sutherland's theory of differential association in the causes of crime, his development of the concepts of white collar crime and the career criminal, and the modern revisions of his theory are all noted in detail. 17 pages, 34 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $119
10097. The Italian Family. Overview of the structure and roles of the Italian family, comparing its features to those of families in other Western industrialized nations. Unusual aspects of the Italian family, such as the persistence of extended family groups and the low rate of divorce are discussed. The influences of religion, politics, economics and the changing social status of women on family structure and roles are noted. 5 pages, 18 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $35
10017. Filial Responsibility. The sociological perspective on filial obligation to one's parents is examined. An overview of research literature from the last two decades is presented, and recent trends and developments are analyzed. The emergence of a new generation of middle-aged daughters caring for elderly parents is noted, and prospects for a new system of financial and social guarantees supporting the care of the aged are assessed. 20 pages, 31 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $133
09908. Self-Esteem and Blacks. Refutes the commonly held assumption that blacks suffer from low self-esteem. Explores the background and then presents evidence and explanations from empirical studies demonstrating that blacks have equivalent or higher levels of self-esteem than comparable groups of whites. Argues that the low self-esteem assumption has been used as a racist explanation for black under-achievement. 11 pages, 26 footnotes, 19 bibliographic sources.   $77
09900. Marshall Mcluhan's Global Village. A critical study of media analyst Marshall McLuhan's concept of a global village in which electronic "extensions of man" are connecting the human race in a single giant communications network. Argues for the continuing validity of McLuhan's controversial media theory. 11 pages, 14 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $77
09807. The Hidden Agendas of an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. A critical description and analysis of a visit to an AA meeting. Criticizes AA's focus on ritual forms, lifetime commitment and the disease model of alcoholism. 5 pages, 6 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $35
09773. Perceptions of Drugs in American Popular Culture: The New Moralism and Its Contradictions. Portrays American's attitudes towards illicit drugs and their use in the 1980s, presenting the argument that perceptions have changed dramatically since the permissive 1960s. Examines some of the factors responsible for this shift in public opinion, including the impact of drug-related deaths among athletes, the presence of drugs in the workplace, the effect of violent youth drug gangs, and the anti-drug campaigns of recent Republic Administrations. 20 pages, 49 footnotes, 40 bibliographic sources.   $133
09769. Revitalizing America's Inner City Neighborhoods. Considers whether poor urban neighborhoods can be revitalized without undergoing gentrification: privatization of public housing stocks, tenant management schemes, and low-income housing subsidy programs are reviewed. 11 pages, 13 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources.   $77
09755. San Francisco: Changes in Power and Decision-Making. Argues that changing demographics (and in particular the influx of gay males and immigrants from the Pacific Rim countries) significantly shifted the base of power and decision-making in San Francisco during 1960-1990. 5 pages, 11 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $35
09705. Investment Risks in the San Francisco Housing Market. Using a combination macro/micro approach, this investigation explores investment potential in the SF apartment building market. The macro analysis provides background information on the pros and cons of real estate investment in general and profiled the San Francisco real estate market within the framework of the national housing market. The micro analysis consists of a comparative investment analysis of two apartment building in two distinct SF neighborhoods. 32 pages, 19 footnotes, 19 bibliographic sources.   $133
09614. Oral History Interview With an Elderly Black Man, Robert W. Oral history with a 68-year-old black man, Robert W., tracing his family life, education, careers including his time in the Haight in San Francisco, home-buying, etc. 5 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $35
09604. Life Experiences. A genealogy, history of major life experiences, and social interaction "cohort analysis" for a 23-year old California art student. 15 pages, 7 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $105
09537. The World Will Become More Like the u.s. In the Next 10 Years. Argues that economic and technological forces will shape the economies of developing countries along the model of the United States. 5 pages, 8 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $35
09482. The Secret of a Successful Marriage: A Christian Perspective. The elements that comprise a successful Christian marriage are examined. Marriage as romance, friendship and sacrament are considered, and modern examples of married relations viewed. Takes the position that marriage is a fundamentally moral relationship. 19 pages, 26 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $133
09327. Humor as a Reflection of Politics and Society in the 1920s. Studies the transition in humor from "rural" to "urban" wit as evidenced by the rising popularity of THE NEW YORKER during the 1920s. Considers the influence of Prohibition and post-World War I politics on humor during the era. 12 pages, 16 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources.   $84
09252. A Comparison of Marriage in the u.s. And Korea. Compares and contrasts the structure and practice of marriage in Korea and the United States. Considers the role of religion and ritual, the practice of divorce, the family system and male-female relationship, and the legal, political, economic and social influences on marriage in each country. 15 pages, 24 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources.   $105
09206. Autonomy of the Individual and the Normative Structure of Society. Examines the problem of individual autonomy as a question of free will versus determinism, and as a problem in the larger context of the normative structure of society. The philosophical viewpoints of Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes and Marx are considered. 5 pages, 5 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $35
09159. Philosophy of Contemporary vs. Medieval Literature: A Comparison. 6 pages, 6 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. See Section 22E.   $42
09158. The American Character. The basic attitudes toward work and leisure, the environment and American power abroad in the 20th century are examined. 6p. 5f. lb.   $42
09085. Social Effects on Advertising. An investigation exploring the ways in which society restrains, expands, and shapes how businesses conduct their advertising campaigns. The essay takes the position that advertising reflects social values and that viewed historically it represents an accurate portrayal of American life. 22 pages, 50 footnotes, 39 bibliographic sources.   $133
09071. How Computers Alter Work Relationships. Explores the social dimensions of the computer-worker relationship. Considers how computers in the workplace effect changes in worker self-perceptions, alter social hierarchies, and change communication patterns in the work environment. Possible solutions to the problems presented are also considered. 12 pages, 9 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $84
09041. The Interpretation of Human Behavior From Human Leavings. An attempt to interpret human behavior from a selective study of garbage. Two separate sites and their relationship to urban surroundings are observed and analyzed. 6 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $42
09040. Sociology of Garbage. Observations and comments on refuse disposal in a commercial area near a major urban university. The essayist contends that the area observed "illustrates in a sad way how a public place becomes a human cesspool." 6 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $42
08990. Suicide in the Developed World. This investigation provides an overview and analysis of suicide in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Israel, looking at various factors which have been statistically correlated to the rate of suicide in developed countries. Durkheim's theory of suicide is discussed and the various types of suicide explicated. The influence of underlying culture, religiosity, family structure, and economic structure are examined. KEYWORDS: suicide durkheim anomie suicide rates causes types of suicide. 15 pages, 36 footnotes, 26 bibliographic sources. 3,791 words.   $105
08918. Chasing the Golden Carrot: Sports, Fame and Social Mobility. An investigation into whether or not sports provide a reliable route for upward social mobility, and if so, in what way. Also considers the implications and ramifications of a general belief within society that sports promote upward social mobility. 10 pages, 13 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $70
08911. Factors Impacting Birth Rates in Industrial Countries, 1946 - Present. Presents and analyzes factors which have played a role in the declining birth and fertility rates in industrialized countries since 1946. Includes an examination of theories of fertility decline considered in relation to factors which have been shown to have a direct link to birth rates. 13 pages, 35 footnotes, 20 bibliographic sources.   $91
08890. The Handicapped Worker. This essay defines the concept of handicapped worker in both objective (legalistic) and subjective terms. Discusses both the positive and the negative ways in which the classification of handicapped is used in modern society. 5 pages, 3 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $35
08850. World Civilizations: Cultural Influences in the Southwest. An examination of the cultural forces which came to shape Texas society as it is today. Particular attention is devoted to Mexican and Latin influences, as well as to Anglo reactions against these forces. Ranch life is also considered. 10 pages, 11 footnotes, 13 bibliographic sources.   $70
08624. Game Plans by Robert Keidel. Summary and analysis of this book which diagrams forms of business organizations with analogies to sports organizations. Discusses the employee characteristics, structural characteristics and management style of baseball, football, and basketball organization types. Keidel's configurations are compared with three different management theories. 9 pages, 8 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources.   $63
08512. Day Care in the United States. Proves an overview of the development of the day care system in the United States, including information about its history, present components of the system, future trends, and a visit to one typical day care center. Problems are analyzed and possible solutions proposed. 25 pages, 30 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources.   $133
08500. Socio-Economic Status and Vocational Choice Among Contemporary American Jews. Examines and analyzes the socioeconomic status of American Jews, as distinguished from white and other nonwhite ethnic and racial groups. Considers education, income level, geographic location and occupation. 15 pages, 27 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $105
08322. Interracial Marriage. A brief review of recent literature on interracial marriage and its impact on the individual and the family with a central focus on black/white marriages. Annotated bibliography. 7p. 8b.   $49
08314. Dress as a Form of Communication: A Study of the Punk Style. An analysis of the punk fashion and music style which is viewed as a reaction against the cultural lethargy of the mid-1970s. 4 pages, 16 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $28
08311. The Godterm of the 1980s. An essay arguing that the godterm of the 1980s can be expressed as that of diminishing expectations. Diminishing natural resources, the population explosion, and the proliferation of nuclear weaponry have contributed to this state. 5p. 2f.   $35
08310. Megatrends: Ten New Directions for Transforming Our Lives by John Naisbitt. Summary and harsh critique of Naisbitt's optimistic view of the future. 5 pages, 6 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
08304. Jews in America: The Dilemmas of Assimilation. Examines the history of Jews in America, and considers how the dilemmas of assimilation have been faced by different Jewish peoples at different times. Argues that Jewish traditionalism has been successful in preserving a Jewish identity in the midst of a new land and culture. 15 pages, 15 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $105
08257. "An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect" by Robert L. Heilbroner. Summary and analysis of Heilbroner's work which attempts to formulate a serious answer to the rhetorical question: Is there hope for man? 5 pages, 6 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
08172. Socioeconomic Status and Educational Equality. A look at the issues of socioeconomic status and its impact on educational attainment. Argues that cultural differences should be recognized and accepted, and that status is not a determining factor. 9 pages, 14 footnotes, 3b.   $63
08121. Cultural Values and Their Implications for Management: A Survey of Comparative and Single Culture Studies. Strong survey of studies addressing the evolution of cultural values in their historical effects upon management and the organization of business enterprises. Analysis first focuses on the theoretical perspectives of the problem these studies provide, and then variously considers the classification of behavior patterns into managerial styles/orientations (using value catagorizations according to countries); organizations as types of systems, i.e. political; and management styles in selected cultures (Middle East, Latin America, Japan, and the West.) Utilizes graphs and tables. 28 pages, 70 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources.   $133
08061. Causes and Consequences of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. A study of the Industrial Revolution in Britain between 1750 and 1850. The modernization of the textile industry, introduction of the steam engine, shift from a rural to an urban economy, and the social consequences of the Industrial Revolution are covered. 8 pages, 15 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $56
08059. Organizational Theory and i.b.m. A case study of the I.B.M. organization and how its flexible nature allows it to adapt to changing conditions. Relates I.B.M.'s success to an overview of organizational theory and details I.B.M.'s role in the rapidly expanding computer industry. 25 pages, 31 footnotes, 18 bibliographic sources.   $133
08048. Eastern Airlines and the e.s.o.p. A case study which explains how Eastern Airlines avoided bankruptcy through the use of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (E.S.O.P.) with background information on the history of E.S.O.P.'s. 15 pages, 18 footnotes, 23 bibliographic sources.   $105
08026. Changing Sexual Roles and Family Structure in the Persian Gulf States. A study of the effect economic modernization has had on the society of the Persian Gulf States. Documents the changing status of women and compares the family structure of the Persian Gulf States with that of the United States. 11 pages, 29 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources.   $77
08025. Modern Organizations. A book review on the role of organizations in today's society. Defines the characteristics of an organization and the three main approaches toward organizational theory. 6 pages, 3 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
08024. The Bureaucratic Experience. A book review which considers the differences between bureaucracy and natural society, and the advantages and disadvantages of bureaucratic systems. 6 pages, 7 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
07604. Social Classes in Traditional China. Good basic summary of social classes in China before 1912, arguing that a two-class model of elite and commoners is inadequate. The two-class model was most appropriate in the earliest times of Chinese history, but even then there were anomalies. In later times distinctions within elite and peasantry were strong, with many other classes and subgroups also apparent. 8 pages, 14 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $56
07603. The Future of Motherhood. Summary and review of the book of this title by female sociologist Jessie Bernard, with concludign comments from viewpoint of male foreign student. Bernard's book is an excellent compendium of "scholarly feminist" viewpoints on all aspects of motherhood: biological, child-care, socialization of women, women and mothers as workers and housewives, current political issues in America. 10p. 1b. (notes in text).   $70
07483. What Are the Functions in an Organization? Basic essay on the five functions that must be performed in any business organization: production, or acquisition of inputs required to sell goods and services; marketing, a strategic function of crating customers; sales, or implementing the marketing strategy; finance, controlling the company's use of the basic resource money; and administration and personnel, the management function of planning, directing and overseeing everything in the business. 5 pages, 4 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $35
07463. The Yin and the Yang of Organizations. Review of this book which takes an unusual view of the human relations problems of organizations; people are the illogical/introspective yin, the organization's need for logic and order is the yang. Book and reviewer generally favor more democratic and participatory types of organization structure; also covers problems of how people change over time, resistance to change, patterns of interpersonal behavior; book's weakness is lack of programs for implementing change in organizations. 6 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $42
07329. Aptheker's World of C. Wright Mills. Summary and review of this book, in which an old-line Communist tries to make C. Wright Mills look like a conservative. Covers four of Mills' most important books. 8p. 1b.   $56
07273. The Development of Plupual Societies Under Colonialism in Burma and Indonesia. 12 pages, 18 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. See section 25E.   $84
06729. Group Odinion and Individualism in the Creation of Group Consensus. A study of the mechanisms of group pressure, individual dissent, and self and other-oriented behavior in productivity, personal responsibility and the reaching of a common consensus. 7 pages, 9 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources.   $49
06701. The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler. A review of the futurist's optimistic study of the political and economic integration of developing nations, focusing on the author's motivations in writing the book. 6 pages, 9 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $42
06635. "The Hidden Injuries of Class" by Richard Sennet and Jonathan Cobb. A review of a sociological study of class attitudes among workers and their families, based on interviews and impressions rather than comparative analysis. 8 pages, 10 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.   $56
06537. The Married and the Single Person. An interesting discussion of the differences between married and single life; argues that marriage is still considered to be the ideal situation, even if divorce rates are increasing. 6 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources. Includes outline.   $42
06244. Jamaicans in the United States. Good study of a new immigrant group in the U.S. Most Jamaican immigrants are relatively high-skilled, with large proportion of medical workers, who quickly become assimilated; growing number of Jamaican agricultural workers who come to the US. on labour contracts, because they work harder and more willingly than competing labor sources. 11 pages, 11 footnotes, 9 bibliographic sources.   $77
05903. "Middletown" by Robert S. And Helen M. Lynd. A look at the American way of life and culture between 1890 and 1920, and how it was transformed by industrialization and mass production. 8 pages, 1 footnote, 1 bibliographic source. Notes in text.   $56
05517. Epistemology: Hyman, Bowen, Berger, and Boulding Compared. The epistemological concepts of the four authors are reviewed -- Sociological, anthropological and psychological, ending with a philosophical overview. 13 pages, 14 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $91
05505. Attitudinal Changes of the Depression Unemployed. Changing standards and a need to maintain appearances and an image in relation to the rest of the world are shown to be a response to unemployment. It is noted that their traditional political affiliation did not alter. 9 pages, 11 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources.   $63
04621. The Beatles. This essay looks at the sociological impact of the English rock group. The history of the band, from their beginnings in Liverpool to their worldwide fame and final breakup, is analyzed. The final failure of Apple Corps. and the legacy of the Beatles music is noted in conclusion. 9 pages, 5 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources.   $63
02494. A Personal Perspective of the Individual in Society. Interesting essay on the nature of freedom in society, argues the need to be actively involved in social choice, thr need to chose one's own "human society" in order to enjoy true freedom. 12 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $84
02486. The Family as a Changing Institution. Good discussion of the concept that the family as a social institution is not just limited to the standard American model; uses examples from other cultures, new trends to show that new models of family life and structure could be healthy. 10 pages, 16 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources.   $70
02477. Communal Living in America. A thorough and well-intentioned, but sometimes rambling study of communal living experiments in American history. Includes Shakers. Hutterites, Oneida, Brook Farm, Llano del Rio and other fsmous communal living experiments, with critical evaluations of them and a discussion of the future prospects for creating a sense of community in America. 23 pages, 24 footnotes, 23 bibliographic sources.   $133
02476. An Ideal Community. An essay on how the author would organize an ideal community based upon non-materialistic and cooperative principles. 13 pages, 0 footnotes, 0 bibliographic sources.   $91
02307. The American Dream. Changes in attitude toward the American ideal are traced from early writers like Franklin and Hawthorne to modern figures such as Fitzgerald and Faulkner. Concepts of ethics in business and society are judged to have radically changed since the time of Henry James. 10 pages, 5 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources.   $70
02306. Reality and Alienation in Modern Life. A personal view of the problems of alienation and the compulsion to escape in our contemporary society. References to Ferlinghetti, Future Shock and the work of Desmond Morris and Ronald Laing are made. 7 pages, 0 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources.   $49
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